New Addition to Marshall Restaurant Scene

By Deloris Munden © August 17, 2021

Recently, on a Friday night, we decided to visit McGarity’s Restaurant located off the lobby of the Clarion Pointe Hotel in Marshall, Texas. Ron asked me to make reservations and I rolled my eyes. I thought, a new restaurant, and early reservations. HA! But I did.

Unfortunately there was a mixup with our reservation but we were quickly seated  in an area off the lobby and a waitress took our drink order.  As we sat waiting for our table I noticed a line of people forming and I’m very glad we had reservations.

If you are looking for a quiet, intimate place to have a drink, this isn’t it. There is nothing in the area to absorb the noise. However, lots of people enjoy a lively bar atmosphere and if you are checking out or in, you would never notice. We did not have long to wait for our table.

When I asked for the wine list, our waitress said she would bring the menus. She meant menus. One for beer, one for cocktails and one for wine. I ordered a Chardonnay from New Zealand made by Oyster Bay. Ron chose an Ecco Domani Merlot.  The restaurant has such a large variety they might consider serving flights of wine or beer to pair with their Charcuterie board.

The appetizer menu was tantalizing as was the dessert menu. However we both ordered the same thing…seared ahi tuna, asparagus and a salad. All were perfect.

The service was polite, timely and attentive.

As you can see my review is quite limited because both of us ordered the same item. On our next trip we will share an appetizer, order different entrees and share a dessert.

Check this site out for results of our next trip to McGarity’s.


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2 thoughts on “New Addition to Marshall Restaurant Scene

  1. Great intel! I’ll make sure and make a reservation before just heading out. It’s refreshing to have a new place in town, especially now. And it sounds like this one has a fairly extensive wine/drink menu as well as good food and service. Thanks very much for the review.


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