The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room
and why people won’t look at it

By Ron Munden © August 19, 2021

A friend and I have respectfully debated politics for several years.  He recently sent me  an email.  He said that Biden had difficulty speaking in full sentences and had failed completely on crime, immigration and the virus.

This is the response I sent to him:

I have thought about your email since the day you sent it.

One thing that we can agree on is that the country is broken.

I have been disappointed in Biden in many ways but I still would take him over Trump any day.  At least we don’t have to worry about him trying to overthrow the democratic process in our country.

I too would like to see a STATESMAN  enter the stage but I don’t see that ever happening.  The Supreme Court ensured that by its rulings.  First by allowing unlimited amounts of black money into the political system and ruling that corporations have all the rights of an individual.  Those decisions ensured that all politicians will be brought and controlled by special interest groups.

Afghanistan has been a major screw up by Biden, Trump, Obama and George W.  Bush.  If you have to assign blame, Brush is the most responsible.  First, Bush took his eye off Afghanistan and went to war with Iraq.  Second Bush authorised mission creep in Afghanistan by  promoting nation building.  The next three Presidents followed this failed policy.

Military people recommend that we keep a small force of under 10,000 troops in Afghanistan indefinitely.  I think this was the right approach.  The US recorded no battlefield deaths in Afghanistan in the past 18 months.  We have kept troops in other countries for the past 50 years.  Why not a few in Afghanistan? Both Trump and Biden rejected that recommendation.  By doing what the US did it ensures that Russia and China will increase their influence in that part of the world and the USA will lose its influence.

I agree that Biden has not done a good job on crime and immigration.  But in my opinion those are minor problems compared to what will impact changes in the US and the world most in the next 30 years.

The United Nations report on climate change is very sobering.  The report states, and other scientists have confirmed, that if we stopped all additional   pollution tomorrow, the earth would continue to get warmer for the next 30 years.  The earth is estimated to increase in temperature by another .4 degrees C by 2050. Fires, drought, sea rises and storms are all predicted to increase from the present levels.

The Colorado River Authority, for the first time in its history, imposed water restrictions on Nevada and Arizona.  Starting in January 2022 there will be a 18% reduction in these two states’ water allotments.  Now 80% of the western states are under extreme drought declarations.  

Up to now climate change is something we have talked about happening in the future.  The future is today.  I think climate change will make immigration and the other issues you mentioned  look like a small blip on the radar screen.

There are a few off-ramps left from the climate change disaster but I am confident the world will not take them and we will crash into a concrete barrier.

For that reason I have lost most of my concerns about politics in the US because what party is in charge will have no  impact on where we are headed. Both parties have demonstrated they have no interest in addressing the biggest problem that faces this nation — it is too hard for politicians.  They have to work on getting reelected.

For the first time in my life I am glad I have no grandchildren.

How can we pray to God for help when we are what caused the problem?


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2 thoughts on “The Elephant In The Room

  1. Submitted by HS

    There comes a point when you just have to state your opinion. I try very hard not to respond to the babble that is on facebook. I am not on Instagram and at my age, don’t think I could “twitter” if I wanted to. Social media gave the average joe, and I do mean average, the microphone and place to post pictures of everything from their French toast at IHOP, grandchildren, beefs with the sears repairman that showed up late, AND political views. Suddenly they could see THEIR pictures online and felt an amazing feeling of unjustified importance in this world.

    Like you, I am currently disillusioned with Biden. And, like you, I would have voted for a donut-hole, rather than endure 1460 more days of Trump. I lived in constant fear, disgust and embarrassment for 4 years and if the evangelicals have anything to do with it, Trump will run again, and possibly win in 2024. The evangelicals talk about all the moral aspects of faith but we somehow miss the reason or their unconditional support of Trump and that is racism! Even before the civil war, slavery was a big point of dissension within the denominations and the conservative groups, such as Southern Baptists defended slavery. Many or most of the parishioners either owned slaves or had made money off of the slavery trade. The burning of a “cross” by the KKK was a symbol of WHITE CHRISTIAN SUPREMECY…. A symbol meant to cause fear not one of love and Christianity. Guess no one was wearing their WWJD (what would Jesus do) bracelets on that day.

    After 9/11, it was the evangelicals that vilified Islam, and ministries actually promoted Islamophobia and hate. Barack Obama came along and those same Christians formed the “tea party” and began buying GUNS.

    The county is torn apart right now and that further feeds the evangelical narrative of the “end times”. There is no reasoning with this. They are no longer religious but political. They will support Trump come “hell” or high water. They will look for, or place the spotlight on, further failures by President Biden then do their utmost best to get Trump BACK into the White House.

    Our society has lost its way. We have destroyed our planet. We think that separating our cardboard from other trash, or not using straws quite as often, is going to fix our problems; it’s not. We talk about these minor changes as if we have sacrificed beyond imagination. Again, our self importance is now driving the car and our morals, humility, and humanity, are now in the back seat.


  2. I am positive that Pres Biden is not nearly good as some think that he is and at the same time I am just as sure that Pres Trump is not bad as many believe. I has been said. by those qualified to make such a statement, that good business people make terrible politicians and good politicians make make equally bad business people. Harry Truman was such a person as was Obama. Neither one of them understood economics but were very good presidents because they understood people. Company CEOs set policy and the rest get in line or leave. Politics is not like that at all. You may give an order and nothing may happen. Our system seems to work a lot like that and maybe it is for the best. A recent report said that only 39% actually pay income taxes so maybe soak the rich simply does not work. There is an 80/20 rule in business and maybe it applies to much more than business. For example, the top 20% of wage earners pay slightly more than 80% of the income taxes being paid. The bottom half pay well less than 1%. The remaining 30% pay less than 19%. People have been brainwashed to believe that corporations pay taxes but, the reality is that the (so called) taxes are just part of the part of the cost of the product and the customer (that’s you and me) pays because it just becomes just part of the cost of what ever we are buying.


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