Pioneer Days Festival

 Pioneer Days Festival


Jefferson’s first ever Pioneer Days celebration will feature a very unique look for the parade which is scheduled for 10 am on Saturday, Sept. 4. 

Making up the entrants for the parade are horse-back riders and wagon riders representing the earliest days of village traffic during Jefferson’s founding period in the early 1840s to the next century when the city grew into one of Texas’ busiest river ports.  No motorized vehicles will be permitted in the parade and it is now being opened to youngsters who wish to pretend a little and ride their stick horses and lead the parade,  It just so happens that the committee has four stick horses available for the youngsters. They, too, will be wearing outfits reminiscent of an earlier period of cowboys and will have a slightly shorter route than the horse-

back riders and wagons and will be lined up at the very front to lead the parade.

A local store has a few stick horses for sale in the toy department should anybody wish to purchase one.  A trophy and a prize will be presented to the person who best represents the pioneer days with their costume.

Following the parade at 11 am, the  re-creation of an actual cut- and- shoot incident that happened in the wagon yard of the city in 1906 will be staged.  

The incident had to do with the arrest of one of the city’s constables by the Sheriff, W. S. Terry.  It will occur in about the same area as the original happened many decades ago.  The notorious event was related to descendants of the Brown twins, Horace and George, when they were both well up in years.

The late Dorothy Brown Craver interviewed her uncle George and was told the story while her daughter, Marcia Thomas, conversed with her grandfather Horace about the shooting and many other happenings that occurred during the wild and still somewhat lawless days after the turn of the century. The re-enactment 

will be acted by Players board member Jim Blackburn, a retired Collin County sheriff’s department employee and certified law enforcement investigator who will use a genuine holstered pistol and blanks.  The other party, Proctor, will be played by Players actor and current general manager of KTAL-TV Mark McKay who is also now a resident of the city.  It will be portrayed

at least twice more on Saturday at times to be announced in the wagon yard location.  It will likely be performed again on Sunday, Sept 5,  at the Dutch Over Cooks and Barbeque food event with entertainment at  the boat launch on the riverfront. 

At 6 pm on Saturday, a street dance will be held featuring the award-winning country band Sheila and the Caddo Kats.  The dance will be set up on Austin Street near Polk Street and run down to Walnut Street.  Some chairs will be available for on-lookers and participants and the music will be the old early country tunes of yesteryear including some from Hank Williams

among others.  A trophy and a prize will be given to the person whose costume most represents authentic pioneer days attire.  All activities on Saturday and Sunday are free to attend.

A concert by the famous singing group the Sons of the Pioneers is 

scheduled for 3 pm on Monday, Sept. 6 at the Visitor Center. Although VIP tickets are sold out, there are still  some general seating tickets left but purchases should be made as soon as possible since the seating is somewhat limited.  There are no plans to sell tickets are the door at this time.  Tickets are $25 and may be purchased at The Willow Tree or online at


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COVID-19 antibody infusion center opening In East Texas

The infusion center will begin accepting patients on Tuesday and has been provided with Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies to treat outpatient cases of COVID-19 who have a referral from a doctor. This treatment is available at no cost to the patient. Local partners include Smith County, Northeast Texas Public Health District, UT Health East Texas, and Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System…The treatment is free and available to all Texans who test positive for COVID-19 and have a doctor’s referral. Texans can visit to find a therapeutic provider near them.


(J. Harris: My answer is that if you live in an area overrun with unvaccinated people, it would be foolish to pass up boosters as they become available. Immunization is not 100% protective, and even if you survive, you are likely to have infected others. I trust the Israel data as well as several other studies demonstrating diminution in measurable antibodies against Covid over time in immunized people.)


Marshall/Harrison County Health Department


805 Lindsey Drive (Just W. of the hospital)

Marshall, Texas, 75670



Call, long tape will tell you when they will be giving vaccines. They have various vaccines at different times. Usually, the office is open daily for vaccinations unless the staff is giving shots at a business, church, school, or the like. Listen to the taped phone message. Spanish speakers are available. The third booster (Pfizer) is currently available if you have an “immune problem.” There is a blank to check about that. No questions are asked, however. I checked the box and got a booster last week. If you have “misplaced” your vaccine card, you can get another. The staff can get confirmation about your prior immunizations from the state via the net, and quickly. The office is not crowded. Carry your card and wear a mask. There is no charge. They will come to your office or church and jab everybody. The staff is very competent and eager to help. 

The deadly polio epidemic and why it matters for coronavirus

”…In 1952, the number of polio cases in the U.S. peaked at 57,879, resulting in 3,145 deaths. Those who survived this highly infectious disease could end up with some form of paralysis, forcing them to use crutches, wheelchairs or to be put into an iron lung, a large tank respirator that would pull air in and out of the lungs, allowing them to breathe…That was a time, said Salk’s oldest son, Dr. Peter Salk, [said in an interview]…when the public trusted the medical community and believed in each other. I believe that’s an idea we need to resurrect today…[Salk recounted] … his father wondered every day why we couldn’t apply the spirit of what happened with the development of the polio vaccine to other problems, such as disease or poverty. In fighting coronavirus, perhaps the citizens and governments of the world will rise to the occasion and demonstrate what is possible when we work together.

(J. Harris: Good easy to read historical article)

J. Harris: I can remember when folks got vaccinated when indicated and when people didn’t believe nonsense from the social media, political hacks, and medical quacks — because there was no social media.)


Why Children Are Better Protected from COVID Than Adults

The immune system uses a special mechanism to protect children from novel viruses—and it typically saves them from a severe course of COVID-19 in two different ways. In the mucous membranes of their airways, it is much more active than that of adults. In children, this system reacts much faster to viruses that it has never encountered, such as pandemic pathogens… children do not only have many more immune cells in their mucous membranes; they also more quickly produce type I interferons, which are crucial for fighting viruses. As a result, these key molecules may also provide protection from the dysregulation of the immune system that occurs in many severe cases of COVID-19…The results of the study indicate that the immune system of children is designed to fight viruses particularly effectively when it first encounters them…Adults have to rely on the adaptive immune response—the specific protection provided by antibodies and T cells for individual pathogens that only develops a while after contact with the virus.”


1. How to use ventilation and air filtration to prevent the spread of coronavirus indoors

Complicated Article with specifics for school rooms and buildings.

2.  CU Boulder Portable Air Cleaner Calculator for Schools.v1.3 


There are many such articles easily available.


Have you ever listened to someone for a minute and thought “Their cornbread isn’t done in the middle.”


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