14-year-old FOMA volunteer working to raise money for new Animal Adoption Center’s Medical Room

By Jessica Harker Jharker@marshallnewsmessenger.com

Alera Waite, 14, has had a love for foster animals as long as she can remember. As one of the Friends of Marshall Animals youngest foster volunteer, Waite took it upon herself to start a fundraiser to help fund Marshall’s new Animal Adoption Center which is under construction.

The fundraiser, which is available on gofundme.com at https://gofund.me/058c71c6 has a goal of $60,000, a price tag that Waite thoroughly researched.

Visiting and speaking with local veterinary specialists, Waite determined the price of all of the equipment that would be needed by the new medical room to offer spay and neutering services on site, along with vaccinations.

These items include:

$75 Blood Pressure Monitor

$350 LED Binocular Compound Microscope

$750 Medical Scale

$1,000 Examination Table

$1,500 Patient Monitor

$2,000 Hydraulic Surgical Table

$2,500 LED Surgical Lighting

$3,500 Anesthesia Machine

$4,000 Digital Ultrasound Machine

$5,000 Surgical Power Tools- Full Set

$30,000 X-Ray Machine

The goal of making sure that these items are equipped in the new shelter, according to Waite, is to help the shelter to achieve no kill status.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that there will be a lot more grants available to the shelter if we are able to achieve no kill status,” Waite said.

She explained that many organizations will not give money to shelters who are not signified as no kill, so the addition of these medical supplies will not only help current animals in need, but will affect the future of the shelter in a positive way.

“We need a new shelter, and I think this is a good opportunity to fix these problems as well,” Waite said.

Waite has been volunteering with FOMA since she was 10-years-old, and is one of the youngest volunteers in the organization.

“I have always had a love for foster animals,” Waite said. “I feel like you can connect with them so much more than other animals that already have a good home. You can’t do as much for them, but foster animals they need you.”

Waite is the sole caretakers of the foster animals in her care, taking the time to care for, clean up after and purchase any and all supplies needed for the animals on her own.

Not only does she foster dogs and cats through the FOMA, but Waite also fosters horses and other farm animals, even boarding other community members horses to raise the money needed to care for the animals in her care.

Since her house is currently at maximum capacity for foster animals, Waite said that she has volunteered with the group’s events committee to assist in funding for the organization.

Waite also participates in 4H, formerly holding the title of president of her local chapter, and is an active member of the Girl Scouts, hoping to turn her ongoing funding project for the medical room into her Silver Award project.


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