Finding A Theme Song

By George Smith

President Trump’s re-election campaign is having trouble finding a theme song that conveys the correct message of the past almost-four years.

Some suggestions fell by the wayside for various reasons, including threatened suits from songwriters and artists.

Thus far Trump has been told not to use “Rockin’ in the Free World” (Neil Young); “It’s the End of the World” and “Everybody Hurts”  (REM); ”Rolling in the Deep” (Adele); “Rocketman” (Elton John); “We Are The Champions”  (Queen); “Here Comes the Sun” (Beatles); “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (Twisted Sister);

And, “Happy” (Pharrell Williams); “Don’t Stop the Music (Rihanna); “Photograph” (Nickleback); “You Can’t Get What You Want” (Rolling Stones);  “Purple Rain” (Estate of Prince); “I Won’t Back Down” (Estate of Tom Petty); and “High Hopes” (Brandon Urie).

The songs that might be considered by the Trump campaign are “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (Baha Men); “I Like Big Butts” (Sir Mix A Lot); “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” (Culture Club); “Broken” (Seether); “Bad Day” (Daniel Powter); “King of Pain” (The Police); “Hurts Like Hell” (Fluerie);

And, “Creep” (TLC); “Lying Eyes” (Eagles); “You Know I’m No Good” (Amy Winehouse); “It Wasn’t Me” (Shaggy); “Blame Game” (Kanye West); “White Liar” (Miranda Gilbert) and “You Know I’m No Good” (Amy Winehouse).

Lots to choose from. LOTS to choose from.

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