Words and Phrases I Thought I Would Never Use

By George Smith

Words and phrases I thought I would never use to describe any person, much less the president of the United States.

1. Compulsive liar.

At some point in time, it is my belief, every politician bends the truth, omits information or downright lies to create a picture of competence and invincibility. Trump lies knowing he will be caught…and doesn’t care if he i. He simply lies to excuse the lies.

2. Feral pleasure. 

That’s what President Trump appears to feel when is on the attack. There is a lack of basic humanity, of empathy, of soulful emotion as the man attacks opponents or anyone, really, who challenges his errant thoughts and actions. Otherwise, how can his attack on women, minorities, the disabled snd even Gold Star families, his serial lustfulness deigning his marriages be tolerated by his supporters?

3. Greedy beyond redemption

In TrumpWorld, everything — EVERY SINGLE DECISION — boils down to money. Trump’s actions are all geared toward enriching himself, his family and his “friends” to the point that corrupt acts become a part of business-as-usual. His goal in every venture, from building resorts and casinos to setting up a charitable, non-profit foundation to starting  a “university” built on a platform of fraud, lies and deception, is to take money from anyone and put it in his pocket. To him that is his water, his air, his life,

4. Corrupt to his core

Every decision Trump has made as president has a bar code blaring “corruption”.  Two examples: Immigration — Private companies, many donors to his campaign, have made hundreds of millions from this self-declared “crisis”.

Trump’s “Wall” — Again, contracts awarded to private companies connected to donations, and corruption-squared in undermining environmental concerns for a birder barrier which has already been proven does not work.

5. Overt racist:

Donald Trump identifies with white privilege and does little to hide his disdain for minorities, the poor,’ and immigrants from “s***hole countries.” 

He identifies with “white” groups — White Power, White Nationalists — and has made public statement shoring up his unsavory views.

6. Ignorance is a virtue

Having an ego-centric personality is not an attribute. To Trump, it (along with power and money) is what drives him. He prefers ignorance over experience, subject matter experts and facts; he believes his “gut” decisions are better than any data, facts or historical reference. Trump utilizes the “Big I” philosophy: “I” know all and know best. It is hard to imagine him NOT kissing his image in the mirror the start of each day.

This is the man running our government. And, President Trump is being propped up and enabled by supporters that either believe his churlish spiel and juvenile behavior is appropriate for the nation’s highest office or they have a personal agenda that is benefitted by his being in office.

Either way, this president is a global embarrassment who has almost single-handedly undermined democracy, destroyed his political party and torn the always-fragile national social fabric asunder.

Hopefully, after November’s election, Donald Trump will be just a presidential footnote to history. May we learn from this busted experiment in political theater and never, ever feel a compulsion to repeat it.

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