Bless their hearts!

By George Smith

It’s sad to even think about, but the traditional Republican Party is no more. It is now, unofficially…but, officially unofficially… the Party of Trump.

If he is defeated in November, and while the GOP is pushing the gurneys of those that barely survived the election carnage, the walking wounded of the Party of Trump will never lose stride. Those with the loudest, most strident snd defiant voices will diligently struggle to take 30-40 percent of the party and form the America First Party,  America for Americans Party, or, maybe America Strong! Party.

.”Republican”, as a brand,  now has the value of a used Depends.

Whatever it is called, the new post-Trump movement will be a constipated version of the free-flowing and spasmodic platforms and policies of Trump and his acolytes. 

The state if Republicanism 2021 will  render the traditional conservative movement known as the GOP a toothless politician pawn to be used by the next-generation of career opportunists like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. 

With Trump TV spewing his praise-me filth 24/7 (with the “me” personal profile ADT (after Donald Trump) changing like thin sleets in a Las Vegas brothel), the Democrats will run Washington for the next 30 years or so.

After Trump succumbs to an accidental  overdose of medicinal Clorox administered by the eldest youngest son Eric, and after JDT Junior’s “Revive  Trump’s America” rally in Dallas — at which only 471 people show up, including paid staff, 108 news correspondents, including 97 from Fox News, and police in riot gear —  the movement is declared dead. 

Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, with guests Rudy Guiliani, Kellyanne Conway and the White House press secretary firmerly known as “GOP Barbie” in a one-hour special on Trump TV.

Reporters covering the event noted the  “one-hour event” only last 37 minutes, including seven minutes of commercials for MAGA merchandise, distressed, left-over Ivanka Fashion Week items and condos for sale at Trump Tower in New York City. 

Conway, who observers noticed had apparently had additional facial restructuring since that morning when she served coffee and donut holes to the Fox News crew and looked  “30, but by the post-special break-out session looked like a high school cheerleader, complete with pompoms,” became irate  at the “fake news’ obsession with taking a poo on the legacy of Donald J. Trump.

“The special lasted the full hour! It was, uh, just a fast hour!”

Bless their hearts!

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