By George Smith

A lifelong friend, a distant relative and someone I care about on an ethereal level blocked me on Facebook.

No warning. No explanation. Boom. Gone.

I am hoping it was a mistake because, for me, her smiling face is like a ray of sunshine after a hurricane.

Why the split? Freedom of speech and difference of opinion about the current state of politics in America, I suppose.

I was under the impression we were adults who could agree to disagree agreeably. I now to now assume I was wrong, that politics matters more than long-time relationships and familial ties.

I was so wrong, couldn’t be more 


While I believe the U.S. is walking on the edge of fascism, thus endangering our democracy, this dear friend is an Always-Trumper. I don’t understand a majority of those that feel that way and it’s obvious they don’t understand my viewpoint.

As a one-time history major with a love of historical novels about this country’s history and the key personalities who formed the foundation and underpinnings of the U.S., I clearly see the slippery slope to the mutated form of mini-fascism that Donald J. Trump and his chosen minions have erected.

In a democracy, brute force is not used to move peaceful protestors from a specific area so a president can move through the area for a staged photo op.

 In a democracy, the nation’s highest law enforcement officer, who specifically is charged with representing the best interests of the citizens,  does not do the express bidding of the top executive in direct opposition to best interests of the citizenry.

In a democracy, trusted global allies are revered and nations ruled by strong-arm thugs are watched closely with the well-worn adage displayed prominently — Speak softly and carry a big stick.

In a democracy, our freedoms (speech, religion, a free press, right to assemble and protest, etc.) are sacrosanct.

In a democracy, treaties which are designed to keep this nation safe are not not torn asunder on the knee-jerk whim of a chief executive.

In a democracy, no one —NO ONE! — is above the law, criminal acts are punished; power, money, status and title be damned.

Look around. Is the view of America today one that resembles the dictionary definition of “democracy”?  

The definition of democracy is a “form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives. An example of democracy at work is in the United States, where people have political freedom and equality.”

Is that American in 2020?

Political freedom? Equality?

Not even close.

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