By Ron Munden – February 17, 2020

During the last few years of Commissioners Gail Beil’s life she worked tirelessly on replacing Marshall’s  50-year old animal shelter.– the oldest animal shelter in Texas and one with one of the highest “kill rates” in the state.  I think it is safe to say Gail Beil was the strongest supporter of replacing the shelter on the City Commission.

With only 5 commission meetings before the next city election, the Marshall City Commissioners selected a temporary commissioner to serve in Commissioner Beil’s place for those 5 meetings.  On a 3 – 2 vote the Commissioners selected Mr. Leo Morris.  Commissioners Bonner, Calhoun, and Ware voted for Mr. Leo Morris.  Commissioners Brown and Lewis voted for Mr. Jeff Henderson.  Commissioner Hurta did not attend the meeting.

I find it ironic that the Marshall City Commissioners replaced the strongest supporter of the animal shelter with the person that has fought hardest to prevent Marshall building a new animal shelter.

On April 12, 2017 the Marshall News Messenger printed and article that said:

Morris said, while he was not expressly against the animal shelter, he felt the city had other priorities it should be attending to.

“I am not against the animal shelter; I think Marshall needs one,” Morris said., adding he collected a petition of 342 signatures for the animal shelter to be placed up for a bond election.

I must point out that this move by Mr. Morris and others was to stop the City Commission from moving forward on the long-delayed project.

On April 26, 2017 the Marshall News Messenger printed:

District 2 candidate Leo Morris reminded the audience infrastructure was more than roads, and stated the allocated funds for the animal shelter should be used to repair other city structures, with the animal shelter being placed in the strategic plan.

Anyone that has worked in business or government knows that moving a project for a tactical plan to a strategic is a “kiss of death” for that project.

Last Thursday action by the Marshall City Commissioners was a slap in the face to Commissioner Beil.

Commissioners Bonner, Calhoun, and Ware what were you thinking?

Commissioner Hurta where were you when the votes were counted?

Voters of District 2 you can honor Commissioner Beil on May 2, 2020.  Go to the polls and vote for the kind of person that Gail Beil would have wanted to replace her on the commission.

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  1. I agree that Gail Beil has been disrespected. I am very disappointed in Amy Ware. She led me to believe during her campaign that she was very much “pro-shelter.” Either that was an “idle campaign promise to get elected,” or Commissioner Ware didn’t take the time or effort to research the history of Leo Morris, who has fought, along with his cohort Commissioner Calhoun, to stop the new shelter project for a long time. Regardless, I won’t be voting for her again. Re Larry Hurta: I stopped voting for him a long time ago. He, too, failed to follow through on a campaign promise.


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