By George Smith

Politics. Debate. Las Vegas.

It was easy to tell the winners and losers Wednesday night. 

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg: Ouch. Bad night. Double ouchy. Lots of heavy blows landed by just about ever other candidate but his his were heavy when it came to counterpunching. There is no way he could not have anticipated the heavy verbal artillery that his opponents lobbed at him. Yet, he dud and stumbled around like an eighth-grade boy asking his dream girl to the junior high prom.

Small town Mayor Buttigieg: He was there.  Yeah, he showed up but seemed lost in the verbal brouhaha. He’s is so likable and intelligent yet on this night he seemed to be stuck looking for the right moment to jump in the adult conversation.

Former VP Joe Biden: Lackluster performance. Looked and talked like he missed his nap. Lost more ground, if that was possible.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Seemed more accommodating and pleasant than usual. She tried hard to be the party peace-keeper…but no one else was listening; the others smelled Bloomberg’s blood in the water. Gained no ground but didn’t lose much either. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders: He was so strident and red-faced, I

It was hard not to sincerely worry about his health. His screamin’ meemie style is really getting old. And his call for “Free Everything for Everybody” plan is getting on the nerves of a lot of moderate Democrats and Independents. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Won the night by tacking Bloomberg’s record on stop-and-frisk policy, non-disclosure agreements with women, his course language and contributions to Republican candidates up on the TV screen for all to see.

On this one night, in this single debate, she showed the in-your-face mettle it will take to trump Trump’s superiority ploy on any stage.

And the candidates go plodding along…. 

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