By George Smith

I hate negativity.
That said, Bernie cannot win.
Neither can Buttigieg.
Warren is iffy-squared.

To be frank, the label “Socialist Jew”, a man proudly claiming “This is my husband” and a wary woman warrior with a branded label (Pocahontas) cannot win…without some stipulations.

Bernie might have a chance if he were to announce he would only serve one term and pick his successor as VP. Klobacher? Staci Abrams? Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan? Whoever the choice, it cannot be a white man.

Buttigieg’s time is coming, but just not now, not in this toxic no rules-niceties-be-damned political environment.

Warren might take a brokered convention, but she, too, needs to select the proper running mate to have a chance against Trump? Corey Booker, mayhaps? Beto O’Rourke? 

The Democrat Party’s choices are daunting.

One thing is clear: If the Democrats don’t get it right in 2020, America in 2024 will be unrecognizable.

Not a dire prediction. A take-it-to-the-bank reality.

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By Ron Munden – February 17, 2020

During the last few years of Commissioners Gail Beil’s life she worked tirelessly on replacing Marshall’s  50-year old animal shelter.– the oldest animal shelter in Texas and one with one of the highest “kill rates” in the state.  I think it is safe to say Gail Beil was the strongest supporter of replacing the shelter on the City Commission.

With only 5 commission meetings before the next city election, the Marshall City Commissioners selected a temporary commissioner to serve in Commissioner Beil’s place for those 5 meetings.  On a 3 – 2 vote the Commissioners selected Mr. Leo Morris.  Commissioners Bonner, Calhoun, and Ware voted for Mr. Leo Morris.  Commissioners Brown and Lewis voted for Mr. Jeff Henderson.  Commissioner Hurta did not attend the meeting.

I find it ironic that the Marshall City Commissioners replaced the strongest supporter of the animal shelter with the person that has fought hardest to prevent Marshall building a new animal shelter.

On April 12, 2017 the Marshall News Messenger printed and article that said:

Morris said, while he was not expressly against the animal shelter, he felt the city had other priorities it should be attending to.

“I am not against the animal shelter; I think Marshall needs one,” Morris said., adding he collected a petition of 342 signatures for the animal shelter to be placed up for a bond election.

I must point out that this move by Mr. Morris and others was to stop the City Commission from moving forward on the long-delayed project.

On April 26, 2017 the Marshall News Messenger printed:

District 2 candidate Leo Morris reminded the audience infrastructure was more than roads, and stated the allocated funds for the animal shelter should be used to repair other city structures, with the animal shelter being placed in the strategic plan.

Anyone that has worked in business or government knows that moving a project for a tactical plan to a strategic is a “kiss of death” for that project.

Last Thursday action by the Marshall City Commissioners was a slap in the face to Commissioner Beil.

Commissioners Bonner, Calhoun, and Ware what were you thinking?

Commissioner Hurta where were you when the votes were counted?

Voters of District 2 you can honor Commissioner Beil on May 2, 2020.  Go to the polls and vote for the kind of person that Gail Beil would have wanted to replace her on the commission.

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Gail Kimes Beil Obituary


Gail Beil ~ longtime community advocate and city commissioner, historian, gardener, baker, champion of vulnerable people and homeless animals alike ~ died Wednesday evening, January 8, 2020, after a long illness.  She was 81.

She was born in Oklahoma City on February 7, 1938 to Steve and Gail Kimes, who died in childbirth.  Following the death of her birth mother and namesake, the baby Gail was raised by Albert and Louise Kimes, a newlywed aunt and uncle who also became her parents.  She spent her early childhood moving throughout the South along the path of Albert’s job in oil exploration, eventually settling in Houston.  She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1960, and married Greg Beil on September 3 of that year.  In 1965, the couple and their two young children moved to a small German village in the Rhine River Valley, where Greg obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the Max Planck Institute in Mainz.  The family returned to the United States, first to Houston, and then to Marshall in 1971 after Greg was recruited to join the faculty at Wiley College.  In the late 1990s, Gail returned to college, obtaining her master’s degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1999.

During her life, Gail worked in public relations, public services administration and journalism.  But her passion lay in jobs without a salary.  She was instrumental in construction of the Marshall Public Library building in 1973.  She was a charter member of the local League of Women Voters, an organization she served for 50 years.  She was a past president of the East Texas Historical Commission. (If you’ve read a historical marker in Harrison County, chances are she researched and wrote it.)  She served on boards for the library, parks, depot, symphony and others we can’t remember because the list is so long.  In 2017, she was elected to serve on the Marshall City Commission, a seat voters returned her to in 2019.

She threw her all into every task, whether it was restoring Memorial City Hall, cooking meals for the Wiley College debaters, or pulling weeds from the garden she tended even by moonlight.  She was happiest when her hands were digging in dirt, or dusted in flour. Strangers were welcomed into her kitchen as friends, and friends as family.  We will miss her sharp wit, her famous potato rolls, and most of all, her bottomless heart. 

Services for Ms. Beil will be held Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 3:00pm at First United Methodist Church.  Survivors include her children, Tom Beil of Berkeley, CA, Laura Beil of Cedar Hill, TX and Angie Potts of Dallas, TX; sisters, Kathy Gutierrez of Houston, TX, Charlotte Speers of Tucson, AZ; brothers, Louis Kimes of San Augustine, TX, Lloyd Kimes of Cuero, TX and Brownie Kimes of Houston, TX; foster son, Jonathan Ennis of Fort Worth, TX; four grandchildren, and numerous nieces and nephews, all of whom she loved beyond measure.  Donations in Gail’s honor may be made to the Marshall Depot Museum, 800 N. Washington Street, Marshall, TX 75670 or Friends of Marshall Animals, P. O. Drawer V, Marshall, TX 75671. Online condolences may be offered at

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