I Will Vote For ??

By George Smith

Don’t misunderstand. I am not a Bernie Sanders acolyte. 

I like most of his plans,. But (and this BUT is of an Andre the Giant proportion) his plans are just words. You know, like Trump’s mouthings are just words.

I want America to shine, to take care of those that can not take care of themselves, to be, once again, that “shining beacon on the hill” for people of the world.

In his zeal, Bernie is willing to tear  asunder the fabric of his party, just as Trump has transformed the GOP into his crass, dishonesty image.

Bernie’s plan is not doable. Programs that are considered “socialist” will never get through Congress. And, the monied interest in the US will not sit idly by and let it happen.

This country, thanks to Donald Trump and his rabid followers, and those just-as-rabid aginners, is as divided as any tome since the Vietnam War.

Bernie, like Trump, is a tear-down-to-build-up self-ordained reformer.

Neither man has the ability nor the inclination to bring folks together, to compromise, feeling it is perfectly appropriate  to shun  certain segments of the country in order to reach their personal and political goals.

The next president needs to be of the Solomon caliber, not a red-faced, screaming “rouser” that further divides the country.

That said, I will vote for the Democratic Party candidate. Trump is not just killing his  party, he is undermining the foundations of this country.

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