They too were children when …

By George Smith

“They too were children when they were rounded up and incarcerated in an ‘internment’ camp on U.S. soil.

“In their 70s and 80s now, a group of former Japanese American detainees rallied outside a military base in Oklahoma in June, urging federal
 officials not to repeat America’s shameful history of forcing children behind bars and fences.

“We need to be the allies for vulnerable communities today that Japanese Americans didn’t have in 1942,” Seattle-based historian Tom Ikeda told the Los Angeles Times. He was joined by about two dozen of the World War II detainees and their descendants outside Fort Sill.

“We are here today to protest the repetition of history,” said Satsuki Ina, 75, of San Francisco, among 120,000 Japanese Americans imprisoned during World War II for their background.

“It’s not easy to stand up for others and risk arrest. These protesters, many elderly, were met by uniformed military police, one of whom shoute, ‘You need to move right now! What don’t you understand? It’s English: Get out.’”

On July 3rd I contacted my federal representative and senators and reminding them this country was founded and turned into the greatest country on Earth by immigrants.

We should all look at what is happening through the eyes of immigrants …or better yet, through the eyes of our ancestors, the ones who first set foot on American soil simply looking for a better, safer life.

Really, is that too much to ask?

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