By George Smith

How many crises can can nation handle at one time and still remain viable on the domestic and international stage?

Anyway you look at it, the United States is about at capacity.

Every presidency – EVERY single one – has crises, some more than others, but the tenure of some presidents —  Ike Eisenhower comes to mind – combine personality with a specific time in history with few internal and external negative situati0ns and comes away practically unscathed as to reputation and the way they handled certain situati0ns that had the makings of a great train wreck.

It is safe to say President Donald Trump thrives on conflict, goes out of his way to create damning headlines, daily antagonizes those he considers enemies via bombastic tweets and feeds lines and lines of literary red meat to his rabid followers. He constantly and purposefully chunks word-grenades at those he considers inferior to himself, which is just about anyone who is not family, does not kowtow to every utterance, refuses to kiss the hem of his tunic or only sh0ws tepid support for the latest and greatest brain drizzle.

Under Trump, the citizens of the world have been receiving a regular heaping helping of crisis du jour. Think about it: It seems everyone discusses the “latest’ crisis over morning coffee or in the car pool driving to work. After lunch, conversation turns to the newest presidential edict, executive order, slap-down of a foreign leader, key White House or agency resignation or simply surmising what is going to jump from Trump’s fertile mind to his fingers before sunset.

Program! Program! Get ya program! You can’t keep up with the crises without a program!

Admitting to be a news junkie is not hard for me, having spent almost 50 years in newspaper executive posts in four states; banner headlines or on-target analysis of current events are my pers0nal drug of choice. I often think in headlines, in snippets of sentences fashioned to make a grab-the-reader-by-the-eyeballs story lead and in creating a memorable take-away ending.

Trump, while decrying any media attention he deems “unfair,” is a publicity prostitute. The electronic media-savvy reality show host turned president did whatever it took – blasting out absurd tweets, attacking specific members of the media (including some on his beloved Fox News), heaving verbal salvoes at anyone and any organization that dared hint he was wrong about anything – to create an aura of invincibility.

In the first 32 months of his presidency, Trump has personally initiated more national and global crises than the last five presidents combined. His list of “Oh boy! incidents range from the ridiculous to the ridiculouser.

He petulance is apparent daily in his multiple tweets (he is average seven tweets a day for a total of more than 6,400 so far in his first term) as he picks word fights with everyone from his media detractors, foreign leaders who question a particular action, celebrities who dare to use their status to questi0n his decisions or to create internal strife within his own cabinet.

The president’s desire for empirical power is not a ruse; he truly would love it if he could run the United States as a strong-arm dictatorship. Thus, his affectati0n with dictators and despots around the world.

Honestly, looking at it from as an objective viewpoint as possible, Trump is his own worst enemy. He created the multiple crises that will define his presidency for history.

He is pers0nally responsible for:

  • The rise of visibility of the white supremacy movement by refusing to condemn violent actions at a number of sites;
  • The continuing, heart-breaking saga of the deplorable, for-profit immigration detainee camp and the inexcusable separation of children from family members;
  • The constant ballyhoo for the “Trump Wall” without even taking into consideration that there was only one wall in history that keep ‘invaders” out (the Great Wall of China) and that high-tech surveillance gear would do the job of detecting smuggling efforts of people and drugs better and cheaper;
  • The runaway deficit shows no sign of abating, nor is it a priority item of  the president;
  • Trump’s trade policies are an example of his “take-action-then-think-of-consequences” management style, which creates confusion and fiscal harm to suppliers o0f producers and results in higher prices for consumers;
  • His attacks on minorities undermines the fabric of the truism that “we are all Americans’; 
  • His constant lies on anything and everything are so transparent that few things he says are taken seriously by knowledgeable observers, which is a serious problem for the most powerful man in the world…and the world; and
  • His failures in business, unseemly embracing of foreign dictators, refusal to accept facts garnered by his intelligence agencies about foreign enemies, dust-ups with foreign allies for no apparent reason, breaking treaties that protect the best interests of this nation … all point to a person of power who does have the knowledge, the temperament, the intelligence nor the ethical fortitude to be president.

Trump must be a one-term president. The 2020 elections will decide whether the people the United States are ready to get rid of this Grand Experiment and put an adult back in charge of the affairs of state or continue the status quo.

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