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Words Matter

Tony Crosby — Well said George, but I feel strange in even saying that. Trump says that many agree with him and he certainly speaks the truth as there are those 35 percent that are also racists. I used to say that the majority of the proper in the world have the same values, perhaps 90 percent, but I’m so very sad that in our country the percent is much higher. So very sad…

Thank you for speaking what should be obviously to even the majority of Trump supporters.

The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity

Tom Walker
— Ron Munden, thank you!

Danny Kale — Again murderers trying to teach morals to the evangelicals.oh so what you are saying is that evangelicals should support the democratic party instead. Or just don’t vote so obviously the democratic party will steer our nation into more immoral and anti American decline. Don’t you realize you are supporting the devils work by supporting democrats agenda. All you ever do is attack and degrade Trump and those who support him.trump supports pro life,pro Christian,pro isreal and yes pro American. What do you death. I rest my case.and act like illegal aliens is such a crisis. Look at democratic held cities even states. Homeless American citizens sleeping on the streets. Hypocrites

Allen Land Bourne — Bill Moyers is from the town in which I live and he is an anti southern drunk driving idiot.

Vance Nesbitt — Bill Moyers is our hometown hero, and you can personally bash him all you want, but when you do that you make it very clear that you’re not discussing the merits of his arguments or the history. We remember the history; we lived through it.

Judd Webber — Vance Nesbitt, its clear this Allan guy never knew Bill Moyers. I’ve met and worked presidents and prime ministers; billionaires and mega tycoons; sports stars and rock stars, etc. from all over the world. Bill Moyers is absolutely the most impressive, charismatic, intellectual man I have EVER met. When you speak with him face to face, his piercing eyes look deep inside you and make you feel like every fiber of his being is listening to what you have to say. The world is a much better place because of men like Bill Moyers and we are all so lucky to have him in our world. I have also met a shit-pot full of idiots and drunks..

Vance Nesbitt — Judd – I’ve met that stellar human back in the 90’s, and I would completely agree. A finer example of a human doesn’t exist on the planet.

I also got to experience something very similar meeting Lady Bird Johnson at the White House when I was a child (another hometown hero). Lady Bird would undoubtedly be RAVAGED by the Trumpians for her reasoned, reasonable stances especially on the environment and civil rights.

Allen Land Bourne — I watched his award winning Marshall Marshall documentary…There was nothing in it that promoted Marshall as a good place to live .And yes he has been arrested for a DWI.His piercing eyes were red with intoxication that particular night near his chosen home and his choice to adopt the northern culture.


Communications is an Art — by George Smith

Jim Newman And your the Surrealist of the bunch George…

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