Circumference of Me – Chapter 12

12. The mind is a terrible thing in haste

Being able to work quickly can be a big help when that ability is combined with two definite attributes: accuracy and efficiency.

Unfortunately, “quick” and “sloppy” are more apt to be placed together in your personnel file than “quick” and “exceedingly accurate and productive.”

Any employee can be quick. Moving that ability to a high level of competence, thereby increasing the confidence of higher-level managers in your abilities, is a life-long chore.

Honestly, workers who are normally quick and accurate do occasionally turn out some sloppy work.  

You know you’ve done it, too: The quickly composed e-mail with an attachment – which was not attached; the report built from a template and the date the report was made was not changed; the expense report with a missing receipt; the e-mail you sent without stopping to check whether it went out to all recipients who should have been included in the information-dissemination chain …

As you enter your chosen profession, work to enhance your skills to be accurate, efficient, and on time before you combine those three with quick.

Refrain from poisoning your corporate profile with a quick response, of which the sole attribute is that you finished it in record time.

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