Circumference of Me – Chapter 7

7 Business bugaboo No. 1

A trio of business bugaboos derails more projects, more careers, and more companies than all other factors combined:Ego, turf and titles.

Let’s deal with ego first, and get one thing straight, quick: Every successful manager in history has had a strong ego and sense of self. Every one understood and appreciated the necessary boundaries of division of labor within a company, and all tried to mesh their operations or project goals with the company’s mission. Every single one of them sought advancement in the corporate ranks.

Having a strong ego is part of the development and makeup of every successful manager. But having a big ego is not the same as having confidence in one’s abilities or the ability to view one’s accomplishments and potential in a realistic spotlight. It’s a fact that many managers are not as good as they think they are. Many sell their attributes short, and many potentially great managers have not developed the attitude or temperament to believe in their own abilities.

A strong ego, tempered by realism, is priceless for a steady, uphill climb on the corporate ladder. But developing an ego as a positive personality trait, like the making of a fine wine, must be done under strict parameters, with little room for experimentation.

Confidence is just another word for ego … minus the obnoxious gene.

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