Marshall Depot Lead Donors and Supporters

Marshall Depot Board Honors Lead Donors of 2021

The official logo of the 2022 Annual Marshall Depot fundraising campaign features a beautiful double rainbow over the Depot photo taken by Board member and Ginocchio Restaurant owner Alan Loudermilk, with photo color enhanced by Carl Henderson. The logo features the campaign theme of, with our community’s support, “The Future is Bright for the Marshall Depot!” 

Some of the lead donors and supporters during the 2021 Depot fundraising campaign who received a Depot Appreciation Tile include Michelle and Stan Brannon,  former City Councilwoman Vernia Calhoun,  City Councilwoman Amanda Abraham, Mac Abney for the Pelz Foundation and Turney Foundation, City Councilman Marvin Bonner,  Alan Loudermilk, Susan Marshall, City Councilman Micah Fenton,  Ashli Acker Dansby of Dansby Media, former News Director of KMHT, Mark Robinson of SWEPCO. Presented to Joy Smith and Griff Hubbard, Marshall Depot Board members and formerly of Amtrak, at the April 30, 2022 meeting of the Texas Eagle Marketing and Performance Organization (TEMPO). Others receiving the appreciation gift included the members of the Harrison County Commissioners Court and foundations and individuals in our community.


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One thought on “Marshall Depot Lead Donors and Supporters

  1. As a lifetime member paid for Gary & Myself when I was active while in Marshall, could I suggest that something special be created to insure future lifetime membership be encouraged . This was a thousand dollars each for Gary & Myself. Maybe a fabulous event to entertain & solicit new lifetime members. Perhaps a drawing for a trip to Dallas by train with a party for the donors at the station when winner is announced.


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