Marshall Depot Fundraising Campaign

Marshall Depot Board Kicks off 2022 Fundraising Campaign, Honors Lead Donors of 2021

The volunteer Board of Directors for the Marshall Depot Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2022 Annual Marshall Depot Fundraising Campaign is officially underway.

This year’s theme for the fundraising drive is “With your support, the Future is Bright for the Marshall Depot!” The official image for the 2022 fundraising campaign is a gorgeous double rainbow photo taken by Depot Board member Alan Loudermilk, who is a business entrepreneur, lawyer, and owner of the popular Ginocchio Restaurant, which is adjacent to the Marshall Depot. The official photo was color enhanced by Carl Henderson.

The Depot’s annual fundraising drive is designed to raise funds to assist with the operation, maintenance, and ongoing preservation of the historic Marshall Depot, which operates as an Amtrak station and Texas & Pacific Railway Museum.

The Marshall Depot Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit established in 1990 to assist the City with the restoration, operation, and maintenance of the Depot. The volunteer board raises funds, through tax-deductible donations from individuals as well grants from foundations, to maintain the funding needed each year for the operational costs, insurance, security, maintenance, and ongoing preservation of the Marshall Depot and T&P Railway Museum.

Board President Christina Anderson, who is also chairman of the 2021 and 2022 annual fundraising campaigns, shared that the first step that the Board wanted to take in the 2022 fundraising campaign was to express their deep appreciation to those in our community who stepped up to donate and support the Depot during the 2021 fundraising campaign.

Ms. Anderson shared, ”As we kick off the annual fundraising campaign for 2022, I wish to convey, on behalf of the Marshall Depot Board, our profound gratitude to those community members, governmental entities, and foundations who supported the Depot in 2021, at a particularly critical time.”

Ms. Anderson stated: “We’re very grateful to each and every person who kindly donated to the Depot last year and in years past. But, we also want to send a strong shout-out to the members of the Marshall City Council who voted unanimously last fall to provide a line item of funding for the Marshall Depot and to the Harrison County Judge and Commissioners Court who voted unanimously to increase the line item of funding for the Depot in the County budget.”

Anderson continued: “We also want to express a huge thank you to our lead donors who stepped up to give so generously last year. These people and organizations include McKool Smith, Pelz Foundation, Turney Foundation, Hubbard-Watlington Foundation, Humanities Texas, Sam Baxter, Griff Hubbard, Marty Vaughan, Pat Furrh, Michelle and Stan Brannon, Susan Marshall, Dr. Robert Galvan, Jr., and the Anderson Foundation.”

Ms. Anderson also expressed the Board’s appreciation for others who stepped up to assist such as Ashli Acker Dansby and KMHT with the “Dollars for the Depot” event, the Marshall News Messenger, SWEPCO, Brownrigg Insurance, as well as Alan Loudermilk and the Ginocchio Restaurant for kindly providing the feature for restaurant customers to make a tax-deductible donation to the Depot at the time that they’re paying their restaurant bill.

Ms. Anderson also wished to thank board member Richard Anderson for his valuable and steadfast assistance and a heartfelt thank you to Audrey Kariel, former Marshall Mayor and past Board member, for her continued passion, care, and knowledgeable assistance with regard to the Marshall Depot.

Ms. Anderson explained that, in order to convey the Board’s appreciation, the above- mentioned lead donors were presented an Appreciation Tile displaying the beautiful “The Future is Bright” double rainbow photo that can be displayed on a bookshelf or desk.

Attached are photos of some of the lead donors as they were presented the gift of the Appreciation Tile.

Ms. Anderson went on to say: “We, on the board, are very grateful that our City, County, and community members recognize the valuable transportation asset that the Marshall Depot is and the many other benefits it provides related to economic development, tourism, education, quality of life, as well as documenting and continuing Marshall’s rich and fascinating railroad history.”

She added: “We, as a community, are very fortunate to be one of only about 525 cities nationwide to have an Amtrak stop. Plus, Marshall is one of Amtrak’s crew change stops along the Texas Eagle route, which brings in tens of thousands of dollars to our local economy each year, in addition to the substantial income brought to our community by the thousands of visitors and passengers who travel to our community annually via Amtrak.”

The attached “Did You Know: Important Facts about the Marshall Depot” sheet provides more information about this along with information about other benefits from the Depot.

Ms. Anderson concluded:  “We have a strong and excellent Board of Directors at the Marshall Depot and we’ll continue to share with our community the exciting progress currently underway and being planned for the future. But this hard-working volunteer board continues to need our community’s support to keep this treasured transportation hub and beautiful historic Depot strong into the future. With our community’s support, the future is indeed bright at the Marshall Depot!”

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the 2022 Annual Marshall Depot Fundraising campaign, you can send a check to Marshall Depot Inc, at the following address:  800 North Washington Avenue, Suite 1, Marshall, Texas 75670.

In addition to Ms. Anderson, the Marshall Depot Board includes:  Donald Hocutt, Vice President; Judy Covey, Secretary; Cathy Wright, Treasurer; Richard Anderson, Thad Carter, John Fortune, Mary Hendricks, Griff Hubbard, Marde Jones, Cindy Leleko, George Leleko, Alan Loudermilk, Jim Pedison, Jack Redmon, Joy Smith, Daryl Ware, and Robert Wood.


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