Wine Tasting – 29 May 2021 – Franschhoek, South Africa

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By Tom Allin

Yesterday was a rest day.  We were both worn out after our incredible breakfast provided by Ashbourne Boutique Guest House – eating dish after dish takes a lot of work.  As a matter of fact, other than read and nap the only other thing we did all day was eat two more meals.

Today we are smarter.  No, we didn’t eat less at breakfast but we did take a wine walking tour.

Tim, the owner of our hotel, took the time to map out what he thought was a walk we would enjoy and marked what he thought were the best wineries to stop and explore.  

The hotel’s entire staff was incredible and I am guessing because they took their cues from Tim.  Tim provided information on about ten local restaurants, made dinner reservations for us, provided driving directions, a history of Franschhoek and the background on how his family and he had moved from Germany to South Africa six years earlier.

It was a four-block walk from the hotel to the main two-lane highway.  Running parallel to the highway but about 20 feet nearer the open fields was a six foot or more wide sidewalk.  Even with the Covid keeping people home, the sidewalk had a number of walkers like ourselves.

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