Opinion: Definition of Patriot

 Opinion: Definition of Patriot

By George Smith  — December 9, 2021

Let’s talk straight.

Definition of patriot

”one who loves and supports his or her country”

If you believe the results of the 2020 elections are false and you believe the election was  stolen from Donald Trump…you are not a patriot.

If you would vote for Trump in 2024… you are not a patriot.

If you refuse to acknowledge that the Jan. 6, 2021 attack of the Capitol was NOT an insurrection attempt and a domestic terrorist attack…you are not a patriot.

If you are a supporter of Majorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert or Paul Gosar, or Sens. Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz, you are not a patriot, but a wrong-headed follower of suppression politics.

All of those legislators are only interested in two things…and the fate of the country is not one of them. They all have two things in common: Power…getting it and holding onto it, and money, getting it and getting more of it.

To those folks, the fate of the country and its foundation of democracy are secondary to personal gratification in gaining and holding onto power.

If you value democracy, you cannot support those that want to dilute freedoms that define America, including equality and justice for all and preserving a democratic form of government.

It’s time for real patriots to stand up to the false idolatry worshippers who advocate the suppression of entire classes of voters in order to increase their support base.m, and, thus, individual power.

Let your voices be heard. It’s the right thing to do…the American thing to do.


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