Opinion: Stupid-stewped-stoopid Headline

 Opinion: Stupid-stewped-stoopid Headline of the Day:

By George Smith  — December 11, 2021

“The US House Jan 6 Probe is WITCH HUNT 3.0”

Right-wing social media sites, posing as “news outlets”, have no shame, no sense of decency, answering only the clarion call of the Money God and its acolyte twins Political Pabulum and Laughable BS.

Jan. 6 happened. It’s a fact that a domestic terrorist mob tried to kidnap democracy by denying constitutional due process in the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another.

Labeling it anything other than a full-fledged, orchestrated insurrection strains credibility past the breaking point.

Former President Donald Trump did not invent the term “witch hunt”. He did, however, stake claim to its use way back in 2015 and has sprinkled it liberally in every rambling speech he ever gave since.

The term has become synonymous with Trump’s tenure and even with the man himself. In our thoughts, “Donald Trump” is usually followed by “witch hunt”, despite the fact that most of his witchiest-huntable moments are all-too-true.

It makes little difference to the Trumpuppet Corps, who disbelieve their own eyes and ears to pay homage to their personal cult leader, The Prophet Trump. If he says the insurrection was a meeting of “like-minded patriots wanting to see the workings of government up close and person,” then so be it.

These fools, as Brian Willians said last night in his retirement address, have “…decided to burn it all down – with us inside”.

For shame.


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