Opinion: Sick of the Word “woke”

By George Smith  — November 10, 2021

I am sick of the word “woke”.

I know what it means in the traditional sense, and I’ve looked up the new definition:




past tense of wake


alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

“we need to stay angry, and stay woke”

This is not “woke”, this is beyond dumb; this is beyond keeping-a- box-of-hair-trimmings-in-your-dresser dumb.

Of course, all empathetic and caring people should be aware of injustice in society and do what they can to prevent it or minimize its adverse effects.

But I don’t have to be “woke” to do that; I just have be atuned to my place in the universe and life.

“Woke” is one of this words that demand an immediate reaction, usually negative, from societal segments. I’m a senior citizen and “woke” sounds all hip-hop to me and “I ain’t playin’ that!”

Ya dig?

I am “woke” but I ain’t gonna be going to no “woke” meetings or joining in rallying cries of “We Are Woke!”

Just take your own “woke” self and go on down the road. And take all them rappers and Kardashian-type celebrities with you!


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