The Future of Everything

Imagine an exchange that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can buy and sell everything from stocks to cryptocurrency to art. Trades happen almost instantly, without the need for middlemen or gatekeepers. Profits can turn to losses in the wink of an eye. 

A blockchain-based exchange is less far-fetched than ever. This week, the WSJ’s Paul Vigna reports on a number of pilot programs and other experiments investigating how to create digitized markets that can keep up with changing times. 💵The article is part of our latest issue, which looks at what’s ahead for money and finance. Elsewhere, we round up innovative credit-card rewards headed to your wallet, as well as four investments about to go mainstream. We question the speed of stimulus payments, meet the next generation of financial chatbots, dig into the European Union’s roll out of sustainability reporting metrics and look at the potential role of satellite networks in high-frequency trading.

Last but not least, we examine how connected devices are learning to buy and sell goods and services. 📰Read the full report here or in today’s paper. Or keep scrolling. 👇And, as always, send me your thoughts, questions and predictions by hitting “reply” to this email.


🚀 The Future of Everything Festival takes place online May 11-13. Together, we’ll look around the corner at the ideas triggering seismic shifts in how we live, work and play. You’ll collaborate with entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, scientists and thinkers so that you can plan for what’s next with informed projections—not predictions. The Wall Street Journal will deliver all of this and more, so join us and experience the future as it takes shape. Register here for your 3-Day Pass (complimentary for WSJ members).

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