I-just-don’t-get-it headline of the day

I-just-don’t-get-it headline of the day:

“Nearly 180 Democrats support forming $12 million, 13-member slavery reparations commission”

I don’t care about the number of members in any federal commission. Many commissions are turned to boost egos and memorable change from the efforts is elusive, at best. The point of even discussing cash slavery reparation payments is box-of-hair dumb.

The fact there ever was slavery in this country is appalling. Period. Paragraph.

“We, the people…all men are created equal….” should say it all today, even though when the document was written, those words were understood to mean “We, the people (white men only)….”

Paying money to people whose great great grandfathers and great-great grandmothers were slaves does not undue the generations of abuse blacks suffered at the hands of white owners. A check from the government is a here-and-gone gesture made in an attempt to say, “Sorry that some of our ancestors used some of your ancestors as livestock. Here. Here’s some money snd let’s just let bygones be bygones.”

No. That’s not the answer. Some ills cannot be cured with money; some events in history are carved into history like a brand; some wrongs are lodged in the souls and psyches of the human spirit.

We don’t need a feel-good reparations commission; we need a different commission, a group of forward thinkers that have the wherewithal, the clout and the blessing of the federal government to create a pathway — a true roadmap — of equality for every citizen and m, yes, prospective citizen.

Equality. That should be the goal, equal treatment under the law, protected once and for all by the power of federal government. True, there are laws already on the books demanding equality for all citizens that are being blatantly ignored. While the commission is doing it work, every law needs to be reviewed as compliance should be enforced.

Equality is the goal, for minorities, for women, for all citizens regardless of skin tone, sexual orientation, religious preference, nation of origin, individual beliefs.

Total equality is an impossible goal; it is impossible to legislate thoughts, beliefs, visceral human emotions.  But that should not deter the effort to further strengthen the foundation of equality via reviewing and renewing the 1964 Civil Rights Act to reflect today’s realities.

No citizen — NO CITIZEN — in society, school, business or under the laws of this nation, should be judged by any measurement other than, to quote Martin Kurher King Jr., “…the content of their character.”

Regardless of law, regardless of educational efforts, there will always be bigots. Like the poor, every nation has its share of ignorant, prejudiced people who ostracize others they deem “not worthy” by standards foisted upon them from the cradle or learned through indoctrination and cult-speak.

You cannot legislate morality and ethical behavior, but you can legislate public behavior, set enforceable business standards against prejudicial treatment and educate the populous in the value of a diverse society.

Now, right now, is the time to reevaluate the existing laws and  ensure they are sufficient to move the nation into the next era of seeking improved equality … the united people of the United States.

Equality: An impossible concept to achieve, but a goal this nation is duty-bound to pursue.


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