What is up with Lindsey Graham?

By George Smith

There was a time when he loomed large over the main pack of GOP presidential contenders. He was a political comet, soundin like he was up-to-the-task competent, a man committed to a better America. Then, after being eviscerated by Trump’s broadsword tongue in the primaries, he embraced the liar-in-chief like a scared kindergartner holding onto his mommy at the school door.

Now, after Trump effectively divided the Republican Party into Trumpuppets and anti-Tremors,  Graham is doing his best asshat-duty routine to his fuhrer. There is no apparent reason for his pitiful mouthing.

I believe he is only concerned with … what? Not re-election (doesn’t run again til 2026), not history (his historical fate already set)…so what?

A marital indiscretion Donald is holding over his head? Financial impropriety? Photos of him and a labradoodle?

It’s head-scratching, for sure.

Come back to the light, Lindsey. If not all the way, then, at least, step out of the suffocating, Republican party-killing shadow cast by Trump..


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