October 1, 2020

Wednesday, Harrison County reports 7 new cases, Gregg 12, and Smith 19. There were 5335 new cases in Texas. 


1. CDC SAYS TO KEEP TRYING THERAPY WITH PLASMA FROM RECOVERED PATIENT.”In summary, taking the totality of evidence into account, including prior experience with convalescent plasma in other outbreak settings, data from animal studies, data in the published literature from clinical studies performed during the current outbreak, and the results obtained from the hospitalized patients evaluated in the EAP, FDA continues to find that COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma has met the “may be effective” standard for a EUA. However, because the efficacy analysis of the EAP did not include an untreated group of patients for comparison who did not receive convalescent plasma, FDA strongly encourages the continuation of randomized controlled clinical trials to more definitively evaluate the potential benefits of this therapy.

2. The COVID-19 Dashboard: Deciphering the Data, Visualizing the Virus The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) COVID-19 dashboard has become one of the most widely used resources for health care professionals, policymakers, researchers, news organizations, and individuals who want to be in the know. We have assembled the experts from JHU to help us better understand how they gather, segment, and express massive amounts of complex data so that it can be used to improve our understanding of the pandemic and, ultimately, inform our response. 

3. Coronavirus is in the air. Here’s how to get it out.. (J. Harris: Good general ventilation article with audio reference as well)
IMPORTANT:Asymptomatic Reinfection in Two Healthcare Workers from India with Genetically Distinct SARS-CoV-2 (Clinical Infectious Diseases) Authors highlight the possibility of undetected SARS-CoV-2 reinfections and the need for surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 reinfections in healthcare systems.“Taken together our analysis suggests that asymptomatic reinfection may be a potentially under-reported entity. Genetically distinct SARS-CoV-2 rules out persistent viral shedding or reactivation. Both individuals had a higher viral load during reinfection highlighting the need for continuous surveillance.’
(J. Harris: Sadly, this report concerns two health care workers with documented COVID infection who recovered, went back to work, and a few months later became reinfected with a mutant strain of the virus with and without symptoms. This has vast implications for testing and vaccine use and administration).

J. Harris: This just in, two new area cases, identities shielded but who could be like a lot of people we know. I hope you’re not one of them:

1) Sick68 y/o female, obese, prior MI, along with hubby, they see 15 revolving family members every day or two, usually several at a time, none wearing masks. Of these young visitors, so far, only one has had a Covid case amongst them…so far. 

2) Sick 75 y/o obese man, a smoker, who goes to a wedding with his wife–90 people in “snug” rehearsal dinner for two hours, zero masks. The next day the wedding was attended by 150 maskless guests.
    (J. Harris:  If I can, I’ll let you know if they survive. Wow, what were they thinking???? Covid is still here! Wear masks when you’re out. Wear masks when you’re around people who are out and about and keep your distance. This is your (and my) only defense available at this time. Six feet of spacing also helps. Avoid crowds. )

A cabbage and celery walk into a bar and the cabbage gets served first because he was a head

What happens when you witness a ship wreck? You let it sink in.

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Community and Economic Director Wes Morrison resigns from city

[Marshall, Texas, October 1, 2020]

Last week Marshall’s community and economic director Wes Morrison sent in his resignation letter for his position with the city.

Morrison’s last day with the city will be Oct. 13, and city spokesperson Stormy Nickerson said that a posting for the job position was posted on the city’s website on Tuesday this week.

“We wish Mr. Morrison well in his future,” Nickerson said.

Morrison said that the decision to leave the city was not easy for him, but that he knows it is the best decision for his career and his future.

“Marshall will always be my hometown, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of accomplishing some great things that moved the city forward over the past six years,” Morrison said.

According to his letter of resignation, Morrison will be accepting a position in another community that is seeing exceptional growth.

“I feel that it is the best time for me to move on to the next chapter,” Morrison said. “I look forward to coming back to visit and watching Marshall continue to prosper.”

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