By George Smith


It’s a word seldom used in situations involving conversations, but one which would give comfort to millions of Americans if they would tie it to specific events in their lives, from societal expectations to mind-numbing relationships to, yes, politics.

I have started mumbling and even doodling this word on occasion when I become despondent about the state of political affairs in the U.S., about the incredible philosophical abyss brought to citizens, courtesy of the candidacy and presidency of Donald J. Trump.

(Don’t hold back, George. Say it straight out!)

The man is a virus that infects the brilliant and the ignorant alike; like an Old Testament preacher breaths fire and brimstone, Trump exhales massive amounts of nonsensical pasture pancakes and it becomes mental manna for millions.

I cannot understand – and probably never will – the Trump attraction to anyone with a college degree or those who has navigated life’s obstacle to become contented and who have at least the basis of independent thought. Trump is selling himself and a special brand of hate and illusions of success and millions are buying his shameful product.


There is hope out there; at some point the era of Trump will end, but it has to take the form of an uprising of a majority of citizens in key states – young and old, people of color, those who believe that voting does no good because nothing ever changes except the faces – to create the end of the reign of Trump.

Will that end come in less that two years or will the war of wills, the tweetstorms and the battle for ethical souls lasts another five-plus years?

Many are finally seeing that Emperor Trump’s new clothes are see-through and there are many sights that eyes (young, old, one patch (two?), with cataracts or glaucoma) should not see.  The president, by any “ohhhh-meter” one can conjure, comes up lacking. Yes, the economy is rocking along nicely, for now, but that is the continuation of the upward trend started in 2009. It is a fact unemployment is low, but it also a fact you will not hear Fox News declare the percentage of white to black/Hispanic workers is unchanged.

Yes, Trump appears to be a rough-and-tumble negotiator (except when negotiating with countries with dictators or despots); his talks with North Korea, Russia and Iran has been abysmal failures.

  • North Korea is back to shooting off missiles intended to scare the slapdoodles out of South Korea and U.S. soldiers stationed there.
  • Iran, after Trump pulled the nuclear arms treaty against every intelligence agency in the U.S. and by allies, has geared up its dormant nuclear program and must be considered, once again, a nuclear threat.
  • Russia holds the best hand in the game, with Trump being his talking hand-puppet. Russia cyber-trolls are messing with elections around the world, from Africa to Venezuela and Trump is saying “Putin assured me he was not interfering in (insert country’s name here).”

It will take two things to change the face and force of the administration in 2020 – a reasonable alternative and an uprising by millions that normally don’t vote.

If the prospect of another four years under this befuddled, addled-brained, abysmal knee-jerk reactionary and self-ordained Christian leader isn’t enough to switch voters to ABT (Anybody But Trump), then there is nothing but continued threats to allies, shrieks of bigotry, blatant misogynistic actions, cyber-bullying and kowtowing to Putin and Company…plus ignoring the sections of the Constitution that deal with separation of powers and obstruction od justice.

If that comes to pass, the United States will get what it deserves.

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