And open letter to my conservative GOP friends and relatives

By George Smith

The conservative political persuasion of 2019 is not the same as it was 40 or so years ago.

In the early ‘70s there was a growing tide of opposition to another president and with many less indictments, guilty pleas and convictions in that administration, that president was forced from office before he was impeached and convicted by a bipartisan Congress.

The majority of congressional leaders from both parties in both houses of government put country first before politics, put the good of the nation before party labels, placed a much higher standard for ethical behavior by government officials than is now being experienced.

Ideology – political and personal — has ramped up since Richard M. Nixon was flat-out told by members of every congressional faction, and especially from his own party members, to resign or be the first president to be impeached, convicted and removed from office. Back in 1973-‘74, our leaders were proud to put country before partisan political thought-speak and election results that too often take a backseat to rule of law.

Plain and simple…those politicians were patriots, not toady posterior kissers looking for a favorable nod from a sycophantic egoist with a style of governing akin to Capt. Bligh barking orders on the best way to herd gerbils.

Back then, unlike now, it was a case of folks with common sense and a love of country selecting justice over personal and party political power.

It’s not too late for those who back President Trump, despite overwhelming evidence of his incompetence in key areas of operating a government in an even-handed, logical factions, taking into account past lessons and future expectations and needs to say “bah-bye” to his amateurish governmental meddling and obsessive need for affirmation from underlings and his unwavering base.

The S.S. Trump is not a ship on which one needs to hang his or her future. That ship is already in troubled and turbulent waters; its hull is ruptured in many places; the engines are stuck on “Full Speed Ahead and Damn the Reef”; its captain Twitter-addled and cannot find his moral or ethical compass he lost decades ago.


Your leader does not care about the future of the world, nor of this country’s place in it. “Personal gratification” is the only thing on his to-do list…and his millions of supporters are co-signers on his plans for the future of the United States.

Open letter to my liberal and independent friends, etc.:

This is not the time to gloat or scream to the rooftops, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

Take this time to contemplate what future you believe will best serve your children, grandchildren and future generations and convey those thoughts to those you love and respect turn positive thoughts to social media accounts that promote fairness in thought and words; write to the letters to the editor section of area newspapers.

Despite your personal feelings about the goings-on in government, it’s time for all to put animosity feelings aside and do what is right…for you, your family, friends, county and the world.

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