Cost of Construction Management Services for the Memorial City Hall Renovation


By Ron Munden

In October 2018 at meeting of the Marshall City Commission acting City Manager Jack Redmon told the Commissioners that the construction management fees were not included the cost numbers that he had presented to the Commission.

Based on data obtained by an open records request, at the end of October 2018 the city has spent $268,669.74 on construction management for Memorial City Hall (MCH).  The number includes the salary of Construction Supervisor Vance Walker — $197,689.38 and the salary of Support Services Coordinator Jeffrey Whiting — $37,749.48.

The number also includes the supplemental pay for to Jack Redmon.  During 2016, 2017 and 2018 Mr. Redmon salary was increased by $1000/month because of his construction manager responsibilities.  The total through the end of October 2018 is $33,230.88.

The cost of construction management is continuing.  Based on the latest reports one must assume these charges will continue through April 2019.  The predicted addition cost is $57,840.51.  This will bring the total construction management cost to $326,510.25.

Based on the numbers Mr. Redmon provided to the City Commissioners the cost overrun for the MCH renovation will be $453,874.  But Mr. Redmon said this did not include the construction management costs.  So, this takes the MCH cost overrun to $780,384.25 plus additional architectural fees that are not known at this time.


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Feedback for the Week – 11/25/2018

City to postpone lighted Christmas parade to December 2 because of weather concerns
11/30/2018 — parade goer — text message
The city constantly changing the date for the Christmas parade is confusing to the public. It is understandable that they moved the parade from Saturday because of the football playoff game. However when they made that decision there was an 80% chance of rain on Friday. Why didn’t they just change the date to Sunday December 2nd at that point?

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
11/29/2018 — anonymous — text massage
This renovation has been a disaster from the start.  It just keeps getting worse.

Cost of construction management services for Memorial City Hall 
11/28/2018 — anonymous — text massage
I thought that the city was going to save money by being it own construction manager. It looks like they actually are spending more money. Where is the extra money going to come from?

Your New Feedback System
11/28/2018 — anonymous — text message
I love your new feedback system. I particularly like the ability to use text messaging to provide my feedback. Good work.

Outstanding New Addition To Your Website
11/27/2018 — anonymous — phone call I am very very pleased with the addition of a verbal feedback system for the website.
What a very very clever idea. Thank you.

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