By Ron Munden – November 30, 2018

The clock is running and the Marshall City Commissioners, true to form, appear to be doing nothing.

Of course, the City Commission has chosen to not keep the public informed on their progress. Why let the citizens know what is happening?  The Commissioners could be doing great work but that is hard to believe based on their record.

In my November 21, 2018, article I said:

I have learned that the Commission met on November 14 and narrowed the list of candidates and agreed to hold interviews. It is all good but now the bad part. They agreed to hold interviews on December 3. This is still good, BUT the Commissioners decided not to interview all the candidates the same day. I can only assume that they did this because some of the Commissioners don’t have the endurance to work a full day.

So, the Commissioners had to select a second day for interviews. Because of the commissioners’ busy schedules, the next day they can hold interviews is December 12. This means that is going to take these Commissioners one month to interview 4 to 6 people.

Since writing that article I have learned that there are only four candidates to interview.  So, the Marshall City Commissioners have decided that it is impossible to interview four people on the same day.  If the interviews are one hour and there is 15 minutes between interviews, the entire process would take less than 6 hours.  In my opinion it is very important to interview all four candidates on the same day.  The Commissioners need to hold the interviews on one day and meet the following day to make the selection.

That is not what the Commissioners plan to do.  They plan on interviewing two candidates on December 3 and nine days later interview the remaining two candidates.  The Commissioners better take detailed notes during each interview since the selection process will be at least 10 days after the first interview.  How can someone be expected to remember the details of these interviews for 10 or more days.


I recently learned that the Commissioners are strongly encouraged NOT TO TAKE ANY NOTES during the interviews.  The reason given for this advise is that these notes would be subject to an open records request.  The Commissioners notes could become public information.

This “no notes” recommendation would not be a problem if the process of selecting a new city manager was completed in a single day.  However, based on the current timeline and track record of the Marshall City Commission, the process is going to take between 10 to 20 days.  It may be even longer.

What is wrong with these City Commissioners?  Why can’t they complete the interviews on December 3? I have come up with only three explanations:

1.       They are lazy

2.      They are physically unable to perform the duties of a City Commissioner

3.      They just don’t give a damn

As I said in my last article:

The clock is ticking. The City Commission should act quickly and the person that can make that happen is Mayor Hurta. In bridge they say, “he who hesitates is lost.” The same thing can be said for hiring a city manager.

I would not recommend you select one of these commissions as your bridge partner.

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