By Ron Munden – June 26, 2018

At a Convention and Visitors Bureau meeting during the summer of 2017 there was a discussion about how much it really cost for the City to produce Wonderland of Lights. Commissioner Doug Lewis, who represents the City at the CVB meeting said that he had asked city staff that question, and he was told, “You do not want to know.” Commissioner Lewis said that he replied, “yes I do.”

For the past two years I had submitted open record requests for the data required to calculate the total cost of WOL. Each year the City’s reply was that the city must be non-responsive to my request because the city didn’t collect the data.

I was optimistic that if a City Commissioner wanted the data the City would collect the data for Wonderland 2017.

In November 2017 I submitted my first request for the expenditures for October 2017. I was pleased when the City responded to my request. I repeated the process in December and January and the City responded to both requests. So, by mid-January I had data on all the expenditures for WOL 2017 through the month of December.

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