The Painted Town – Ferndale California – Gallery 1

Nestled between the California Redwoods and fabled Lost Coast, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is a hidden oasis of small town charm, spectacular architecture, enchanting natural beauty and welcoming North Coast culture. With its fusion of old-fashioned Americana and modern quirkiness – and a scenic setting straight out of the movies – this small but thriving dairy town near Eureka, CA is the perfect destination for a fun family vacation, rugged outdoor adventure or romantic weekend getaway.

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Tate Modern Museum – February 2, 2018 – London, England

By Tom Allin

Our legs are rested so it’s time for another museum. The Tate Modern was number
one on my list of “to do” in London and very high on Nancy’s list. The night before
Nancy mapped our tube ride – one change of tube lines.  

It’s no surprise that London goes out of its way to make it easy for tourists to find
their way around. In 2016 London was the second most visited city by international
visitors. Bangkok was #1, London #2, Paris #3, Dubai #4, New York #5, Singapore
#6, Kuala Lumpur #7, Istanbul #8, Tokyo #9, Seoul #10, Hong Kong #11, …..

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Chiswick Gardens – February 1, 2018 – Chiswick, England

By Tom Allin

After a late evening and several days of museum touring we decided to take a day
off. Naturally by early afternoon I was itching to go exploring. I decided to walk the
mile and a half to Chiswick House and Gardens and take a look.

I arrived (so easy to find any place in the world with Google maps except when you
are in India) and it didn’t take me long to determine the house wasn’t open. Oh well,
time to go to Plan B – walk the estate.

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The British Museum – January 31, 2018 – London, England

By Tom Allin

We have been fortunate to visit many of the world’s best museums. Art museums
are my favorite but there is no better and more interesting museum than The British
Before we left for London I put together a list of London places to visit and how long
I thought we would need to see each place. I wrote down two days for The British
Museum – not even close. We have made two visits to the Museum. One for about
five hours and the second for about six hours. My guess is another 40 hours and I
will begin to believe we have seen a lot of the British Museum.

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