10 Driving Basics

Driving Information – February 16, 2022

from Say Insurance

Driving Tips


Editors note:

Recently I was contacted by a company that had some good information on safe driving.  I decided it would be good information for our readers.  This is the information that was provided to me. 

You needn’t be a novice behind the wheel to find yourself wondering about some seemingly basic car questions. Plenty of people are unsure about when, exactly, they should downshift, so if you’ve got some car questions you’re embarrassed to ask, we’ve got you covered with this nifty infographic.

For example, do you know how to cool off a hot car in a jiffy? It’s possible to reduce the temperature by 15 degrees by opening the driver’s door, powering on the vehicle’s accessories, lowering the passenger side rear window down, opening and closing the driver’s door five times (at normal speed), then rolling up the windows and blasting the AC. It might sound wild, but it works because opening the door sucks cooler outside air into the car through that rear window. If you’d like more information about that, or are curious about things like downshifting or choosing the appropriate type of gas for your car, give the following graphic a read before your next ride.

10 Driving Basics You May Be Embarrassed to Ask About

You may have a stellar driving record and change your own oil. You could love being behind the wheel, chasing thousands of miles on a road trip in your well-maintained vehicle. Then the low-gas warning light turns on, and you aren’t sure how far you can drive. Even if you took driver’s education and read the driver’s manual, you probably have questions about operating your vehicle. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with your driving mysteries.

How to Lifehack Your Car

Read on to learn about 10 often-misunderstood driving subjects, and discover tips to improve how you maintain and drive your vehicle.

1. Defog the windshield

After cleaning the frost or snow off your windshield, you may struggle with fog on the inside of the glass. 

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