Ed Smith for Harrison County

Election News – January 29, 2022


Former Marshall Mayor, Ed Smith, is announcing his campaign for Chairman of the Republican Party of Harrison County, Texas. Smith, an independent oil and gas producer and businessman, is known for his commitment to public service in East Texas, having served six terms as mayor and city commissioner of Marshall, and for his service on numerous boards, including appointments by Governor Rick Perry to the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority, and Future Gen Committee. He also has served on the I-69 Alliance Board of Directors, and East Texas Council of Governments. Throughout his public service career, Smith has been an advocate for East Texas citizens and taxpayers advocating for limited government and limited government spending, maintaining low utility rates in East Texas, and his stance on pro-life and second amendment rights. Chairman of the Harrison County Republican Party – is a volunteer position which entails organizing and leading the local party, overseeing county elections, candidate filings, and precinct and county conventions.

Smith enters the race at the prodding of local party officials who believe there is too much divisiveness in a stagnant Harrison County Republican Party.

Ed Smith says “I want to unify and grow the party, to bring people together to actually look for solutions and fight for good policies.”  Smith learned the importance of service while he was a young man watching his dad serve as Chairman of the Harrison County Republican Party and as a Republican District Judge. Smith is quick to point out that he is a Reagan Republican and affirms Reagan’s famous quote – “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” Smith promises to bring transparency back into local party meetings and finances.  As Mayor, Smith was known for his commitment to transparency in contracting, conservative budgeting practices and public access to meetings

As a 6th generation Texan, a lifelong resident of Harrison County, an active Republican all the way back to High School and College organizations, a campaign worker, a delegate to the state and national Republican Conventions, Ed Smith has a proven record of community service, commitment and success.

“While others have diminished the party through subtraction and division, we can grow the party by addition and multiplication.”

 A more complete bio of his broad-based experience and fight for Harrison County residents can be found on Facebook @EdSmithMarshallTexas  

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