Opinion: Voting Is A Right

By George Smith  — January 29, 2022

Voting is a right guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution.

Why, then, are Republican in numerous states enacting laws that make voting harder?

Simple answer: Because they don’t like voting trends in certain states that go against GOP-backed policies, candidates and philosophies.

Republicans don’t like no-excuse mail-in ballots; in various states they want to eliminate drop-box voting; one state even made it against the law for folks waiting in line (sometimes for hours) to be given good or water.

The evidence is clear: Republicans in political jobs will do whatever it takes to curtail the vote totals of minority voters, which tend to lean to Democratic candidates and platforms.

It is not right; it is political partisan expedient.

Leaders are needed to support removing more barriers to voting, not trying to silence the people.

Shoot, I want every eligible citizen to vote to the point that I would not be against a law to set up a million-dollar lottery in every state with the winner being someone who took the time to vote. Let’s encourage everyone to vote, not try and figure out ways to suppress vote totals via partisan legislation.

Bottom line: Restricting the avenues for citizens to cast a legal ballot is unAmerican.


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