Opinion: A Slap In The Face

 Opinion: A Slap In The Face

By George Smith  — January 19, 2022

Patriotic Americans, real Americans, ALL citizens who love this country and believe in the Constitution as a living document, should be four-square in favor of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Creating rules simply to make voting by eligible citizens harder is, simply, un-American.

Passing laws and/or reforming voting district boundaries to make it harder for people to vote, or to render their vote ineffective, is a slap in the face of any attempt to have an honest, ethical government.

Yet, here we are: One party, unhappy with the recent voting trends, are changing the rules and making it harder for so-called opponents of their policies and programs to have an honest say-so at the ballot box.

If American political leaders truly believed in “equality under the law”, they would hold hands and pledge to create a system which encouraged a safe and easy way for every eligible citizen to vote … easy, with convenience, just not ”often”.

Voting is a right of all eligible Americans. Nothing — NOTHING — should ever be considered to create a hardship to excising that basic right.


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