Opinion: Dear Close Friend


By George Smith  — September 19, 2021

A close friend, one I’d trust with my life, is a Trump supporter. We pledged to not talk politics and he broke the pledge in a typical Trumpuppet fashion, lamenting our ”senile” president, the immigrant problem, the price of gas and how the country is doomed. Then he started in on

As an off-the-wall rant, it was a good one; this friend is an excellent writer.

I didn’t have to respond but did so after he foisted “.your liberal party” upon my head.

My screed at 5 a.m.:

Wow! You are worked up.

Please remember this: I am not a Democrat. I am an independent.

I vote for (but mainly against, since real change is impossible without true campaign finance reform and, in my opinion, term limits) a candidate on issues. I voted for Reagan and both Bushes…once. At the time, I liked them better than the Democratic candidates.

I’m concerned that Republicans care more about big business, tax breaks for the wealthy, high drug prices, the success of military equipment manufacturers, and throwing up scare tactics about antifa and BLM than they are about the ordinary citizen.

GOPers, like all militia groups, scream about personal freedom — “My body, my choice!” Is a popular theme right now — but demand that women and girls do not have that same right when it comes to personal health care in consultation with their doctor and their god.

Your comment about Democrats and education was, really, beneath you and I took it as a statement made out of exasperation and mental anguish.

Two areas — national security and education — should be the primary concerns of this country. As a teacher and a one-time history major, I rever the historical truisms of this world and our nation — ALL of the stories, not just those that are pleasant and sanitized.

Due to greed and a belief that the white race was superior to all others, early settlers and would-be land barons, with the help of the military (after “buying” Manhattan in the worst/best land deal in history) took the whole of the U.S. from Native Americans. Of course they paid Spain for the Louisiana Purchase and Alaska from Russia (both “dream” real estate deals), after those countries stole it from various tribes and indigenous folk.

Slavery, abhorrent treatment of Native Americans (who, themselves, were immigrants) and the history of immigrant-bashing are part of the nation’s historical fabric.

It is impossible to unweave the cloth and create a new narrative without presenting a phony and superfluous picture of the past.

History is history. Trying to change it to fit a certain political philosophy, ease guilty consciences or just to assure that sensitive feelings are spared is NOT history.

If we do not actively and persistently acknowledge the mistakes of our ancestors, how on God’s green earth can we ever learn from them?


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