Opinion: Stop The Spam


By George Smith  — August 24, 2021

In the past year or so, I have blocked more than 350 spam calling numbers and about 75-80 spam texts.

Here’s calling on Congress or the president  by executive order to solve this problem.

Just follow these instructions:

— Make it illegal for scammers, spammers and car warranty/student loan call centers or any robocall mills to use any number other than a recognizable mass-calling number — 800, 866, 899, etc.

—  Every such call received MUST include a simple “opt out forever” option.

— Force purveyors of technology to create the pathway that when a user/customer puts a message in the internet junk folder, it disables any possible future connection between the  company/service/spammer and the intended recipient.

— Any violation of this law entails a $100,000 fine PER violation and a mandatory one year in jail for the company’s Top 3 officers.

Problem freakin’ solved.

Copy and send to your elected federal officials today. Tell them it’s your idea. 😎


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