Opinion: Truth -It’s one element sorely lacking in the partisan politics


By George Smith  — August 8, 2021

Truth. It’s one element sorely lacking in the partisan political frays that greet citizens each day. The GOP is trying to rewrite the history of the development of pandemic cases and deaths in this country; it is not going so well.

Kos Media, which focuses on news of the Democratic Party, recently wrote: “Republicans have clearly looked at their polling and realized their staunch anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-mitigation posture is a political liability. They have good reason to worry—Trump’s epic mishandling of the pandemic sealed his fate in 2020.

“Consequently, many Republicans are pulling a complete 180 on messaging and hoping the American public will forget which party stoked doubt, fear, and even animosity toward the Biden administration’s all-hands-on-deck effort to get shots in arms and restore some sense of normalcy to both the U.S. economy and American life.

“Senate Republicans and some governors are now making a sudden push to rewrite history about their own party’s malignant disinformation campaign on the vaccines. But some House Republicans are attempting something even more preposterous—blaming Democrats for the vaccine hesitancy and rejection that has flourished in red America.”

One of my all-time favorite quotes sums it up: “Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”

– Plato


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