The Two Worst Signature Brand Names

The Two Worst Signature Brand Names

By George Smith

The two worst signature brand names in human history are so bad….

How bad are they?

Branding has always been around.


Neanderthals branded: “Ikol strong!”

Seafaring Vikings branded; “Hold fast!”Crusaders branded: “For God and Country!”

Company’s brand: “Ford tough!”; “Mom, apple pie and Chevrolet”; “Folger’s—Good to the last drop”.

High schools, mom and pop businesses, sports teams, colleges…they all brand their individual entities.

But two brands stand out as the worst of the worst brands EVER: “Global warming” and “Defund the police”.

“Global warming”, as a term, is technically correct; the planet IS getting warmer. However, that heating trend is triggering unstable weather conditions and patterns,resulting in record abhorrent weather conditions: Record  droughts, extreme snowfalls, rising  temperatures, more hurricanes… the list goes on.

“Defund the police” is a knee-jerk moniker that emerged as a chant phrase for participants in protests and riots stemming from incidents of police shootings or brutality, mainly on minorities.

Neither term is correct in the arena of public information consumption and gives certain groups a clear shot at minimizing or even ridiculing the issues.

Global warming” should be referred to as “climate change”. That’s what it is and with that term one doesn’t have to explain  20-inch powder snowfall and record low temperatures in South Arkansas.

A much more appropriate term for “Defund the Police” would be “Police Reform” or “Police Reorganization.”

Few sane people want no law enforcement; the protesters and activists simply want positive change.

Branding. Terms that are supposed to describe cataclysmic events need a concerted effort to make sure the phrases selected accurately describe the event or issue. Brands and catchy phrases should not give negative ammunition to those that oppose the movements or simple demands for change.

Creating a movement for societal change is never easy. The movement’s brand should be positive, accurate in its intent and message and should not create a roadblock to a successful conclusion.


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