Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt

By George Smith

You’ve heard those words scores of times…in tweets, pass-along Facebook posts, from uninformed, misguided and/or delusional Trump supporters, and from the former president himself.

The term “witch hunt”, In this case, now, today, is officially a “witch hunt”.

Which? Civil or criminal investigation?

Which? State or federal?

Which? Who or what is the investigation target?

Donald Trump is not the original “Teflon Don”; that title rests solely on

the shoulders of the late mafia honcho John Gotta of New York. Gotta dodged numerous state and federal investigations toward the end of his crime boss career until he was sentenced to a life term for a variety of crimes including murder in 1992.

Trump, while not a true mafioso, ran a series of scams and tax dodges in New York for decades. He was considered immune from major investigations until his ego overloaded his street sense and he ran for president. The target on his back increased exponentially in size with his election and catch-me-if-you-can demeanor.

His sheer arrogance, thumbing his nose at conventional behavior and outrageous lies that could be dispelled through a single Google search, are reasons he is now under investigation for alleged civil AND criminal activities in multiple states.

Like Gotti, Trump surrounded himself with yes-men and buttocks-hugging sycophants. Now, also like in Gotti’s  case, Trump underlings are turning on him to save themselves.

Trump’s con games are not new news. Remember the lawsuit which shuttered Trump University and resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement with disgruntled “students”? And it’s worth noting the Trump Foundation was orders closed by the State of New York after the foundation was discovered to be a personal piggy bank for the Trump clan.

Now, however, the stakes have risen dramatically for Trump and his hangers-on.

The New York attorney general has announced two important developments: 1) The civil probe of the former president has moved into the criminal arena; and 2) The AG is working with the Manhattan district attorney which helps connect dots between the investigating agencies and puts more feet, hands and brains into the case.

The question still unclear is whether the criminal investigation is against the Trump Organization as a corporate entity or is focusing on individuals, i.e., Trump, family members, other organization officials?

Stay tuned. The ride on the Trump Inquiry Train has been long and bumpy.

And that is not expected to change in the foreseeable future.

For Trump, there does not seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s just a tunnel….a long, dark, isolated tunnel.


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