Is it a possibility that

Is it a possibility that

By George Smith


Would it even be in the realm of possibility that Ex-President Donald J. Trump executed a fistful of pocket pardons for himself, family members and    a couple of the wretched faithful like Rudy Guiliani?

Is that ever possible?

Newsweek headline:

“Michael Cohen Thinks Donald Trump Issued Secret Pardons for Himself, His Children and Giuliani”


Former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Sunday expressed his belief that the ex-president had issued pardons for himself, his children and Rudy Giuliani before leaving office.

Trump granted last-minute pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of an additional 70, including Steve Bannon and rapper Kodak Black. But his list did not include preemptive pardons for himself, his family or Giuliani.

Cohen told MSNBC host Alex Witt that he started to ponder why the former president didn’t issue pardons for himself, his children or Giuliani after “knowing Donald Trump for well over a decade.”

“I started thinking to myself it doesn’t really make sense because it’s not like Donald Trump, so what am I missing?” he said.

Cohen concluded that Trump could have already pardoned himself, his children and Giuliani in secret, in what he referred to as “pocket pardons.”


A “pocket pardon” is also known as a “secret pardon”.

When Presidents issue pardons, there are no explicit instructions in the Constitution stating that they need to publicize the names of the people that they are pardoning.

So, in theory, a President could issue “secret pardons” that would only surface if:

1) The person that is pardoned is charged with a federal crime in the future

2) The President, or a future President, decides to make the pardons public

So, in theory, a President could issue a “pocket pardon” to anybody, including himself.

This has never been done before (that anybody knows of), and scholars have been debating the legality of the “pocket pardon”.


Never been done before? That has “Trump” written all over it.


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One thought on “Is it a possibility that

  1. Trump and company should be pardoned without question for the same reason that Nixon was. WE ARE NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and it clears the was to go forward. I am long past retirement and I still have no clue as to what Nixon did that was so bad, I know all about Watergate-typical southern politics. Rough and tumble but acceptable. The biggest problem with Trump is that he beat Hillary and the democrats just could never accept it and had sour grapes all the way to the end. I am no fan of President Trump but President Biden does not appear to be much better. Throwing money that you don’t have around then raising taxes to cover it is just inexcusable.


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