So-are-we-never-going-to-learn headline of the day

So-are-we-never-going-to-learn headline of the day

By George Smith

“Chris Christie Gives One-Term, Twice-Impeached Trump An ‘A’ For His Presidency”

This is the same former New Jersey governor who said Trump was double-dog-dead-ass wrong in contesting the 2020 election. This is the same guy who called the president’s legal team a “national embarrassment”.

Chris Christie has already set his sights on running for president, even if Trump decides to run; he is sacrificing his soul by trying to buddy-up to the Trumpuppet Clan.

The most prominent Republicans, those that think they can lead the party out of its self-ordained quagmire, are four-square pitiful and are embarrassing themselves by constantly rubbing Trump’s belly for luck.

Trump ain’t Buddha. He’s Trump. And it should be clear by now that all those around him, all those that rush to bask in his aura, all who will do whatever it takes to win support from his Clan of Cultish  Clowns…are doomed to be sucked into history’s vacuum and forever labeled as pathetic, corrupt, unAmerican losers.

The story of the era of Trump is already written. And more indictments of this era of political tomfoolery and folderol are being immortalized by today’s vaunted historians right now.

Doris Ketns Goodwin, Jon Meacham, Michael Beschloss and Robert McDonald will dissect Trump’s president “seven ways to Sunday,” as my grandfather used to say.

And those that supported the man, his vitriolic mission, his cartoon-car of idiotic ideas, his racist agenda, his tarnishing of the title he had, the prestige he enjoyed by his election…they are complicit in the corruption that ensued and the division that resulted from his and his party’s actions.

As a country, we will survive and thrive again. And every American should pray that we learned a valuable lesson over the last four years and pledge never to put our faith in a corrupt, ignorant, bumbling heretic again.


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