H.R. 1

H.R. 1, now making its way through Congress, would make it easier for every citizen of the United States to vote.

Yes! That’s what we want in a democratic republic, right? Every citizen has a voice!!!

Well, not all of us want every eligible person to freely and easily vote. The Republican Party, as a national entity and in most states controlled by GOP elected officials, want laws to make it a harder process for people to vote.

They call it “election integrity,” but call it what it is — voter ejection or suppression.

Without a problem, the GOP is pushing it own personal “elect us only” solution.

Anyway you slice it, define it or will have a positive shape or spin on it, the Republicult is interested in one thing and one thing only: keeping the number of minorities that are eligible to vote to a minimum.

For they now know that without a fundamental change in the underpinnings of the party foundation, and without acknowledging and embracing the demographics changes in the country, their basic tenets for governing does not fit the philosophy of a majority of Americans.

They desire an uneven playing field rather than check their basic white-is-right attitude outside the political arena and do not want the will of the people to decide the future paths the country should travel.

What they seek is not democracy but a more subtle form of fascism.

Whatever you call it, it ain’t right and it goes against the principles that define America as a beacon of freedom and democracy.


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