Living In America circa 2021

Living In America circa 2021

Some elements of living in America circa 2021 are obvious:

1. The county is divided along political philosophy lines, lines which have been horribly blurred in the last few years

2. The “leaders” of both parties are predominately old and white;

3. The Democratic Party is in temporary control of two of the branches of government, the executive and legislative;

4. Both major political parties have problems with fringe sects alienating potential voters;

5. The Republicans must ease former President Donald Trump out of his Top Dawg position in the party if they ever expect to win back the White House;


6. In order to be relevant again in national elections, the GOP must work honestly and fervently to be more inclusive to people of color and not just continue to pay lip service to that necessity.

Right now, in multiple states, the Republican Party, through its elected state officials, are taking action that will GUARANTEE Democtuc Party gains in both houses of Congress in 2022 and beyond.

By passing state laws to curtail the ability of all citizens to easily cast votes, the GOP is continuing to label itself as the Party of Racism.  It is impossible to support gerrymandering, pass laws aimed at restricting voting by blocs of citizens, and create obstructions aimed a creating hardships and instructions to vote for people of a particular skin hue without being labeled “racists”.  An open “racist” can win a regional or statewide race in some cases, but not a national race, not anymore.

Voting is a right of all eligible citizens, not a play-pretty to be manipulated to benefit a particular party.

Republicans,!in order to remain relevant in the national political landscape, must adapt to the needs of citizens…all citizens, not just the stereotypical gun-totin’, lily-white fat cats who, as a cartoonish group, are science-denying, militia-lovin’, Neanderthals.

The 2021 election, where GOPers pushed Trump’s racist, god-image ideology, resulting in him being a one-term failure and turning the Senate “blue”, should have served as a wake-up call to the party. But from the numerous bills introduced to suppress votes of groups that normally vote for Democratic Party candidates, the GOP seem determined to ride the horse Dead Man Walking.

Trump does not care about any political party…and he has tried them

all on for size. Trump cares about one thing: Trump. Period.

Every day that the GOP hangs on Trump’s coattails, the party is getting deeper in the political quicksand that will drag the party into darkness and oblivion.

The newest GOP representatives and senators — the QAnon cheerleaders, the blatant racists, the science-deniers — are, today, seen as the party’s future.

Goodbye, GOP. You were a great party once, until you sold your soul to a man with the heart of a film-flam artist, the tact of a runaway bulldozer and the empathy of a bowling ball.

You backed his play, time and time again, despite the warning signs that he was a party-destroyer, not a unifier.

Now, it’s time to make a break from

the past and build a party for the future or play second fiddle on the national stage for generations to come.


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