CULT (definition)

CULT (definition)

By George Smith — 1/13/2021

* A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

“a cult of personality”

If you are a believer in the actions, deeds, musings and pronouncements of President Donald Trump despite his constant stream of lies, deranged attacks on enemies and allies, blatant examples of inciting his followers to commit unlawful acts, and being responsible for the failed efforts to control the pandemic in this country, you are a member of a cult:

If you are a politician and believe your livelihood , your freedom, and, your very life, is umbilically connected to supporting the president, right or wrong, you are a cult member.

If you see Trump as a messenger from God, sent to do battle with the liberal elements trying to turn America into a socialist nation, you are a member of the Cult of Trump.

If you see the president as being solely responsible for the uptick in the stock  market and refuse to recognize the steady growth in stocks since 2010, you are a cult member.

If you do not see a

systemic racist bent of the white establishment in the US, or acknowledge Trump actively encourages members of the white supremacy movement, you a card-carry cult member.

If you believe the president is an honest businessman, ignoring his six bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits from former business contacts, the shutting down of his foundation for misuse of funds, the close of Trump University and massive cash settlement with former students on charges of fraud and giving his cozying up to the world’s most abusive  dictators a pass, you are a Trump cultist.

Do you believe the president focused his attention and the immense power  of the federal government on attacking  the COVID virus and minimizing its effect on US citizens, or still believe the virus is a hoax and scientists are double-dead-dog wrong, you are a cult member.

And, if you refuse to denounce his fiery words on January 6 when he gave his followers tacit permission to “attack” the nation’s Capitol, leading to five deaths and extensive property damage…look in the mirror and you’ll see a member of Trump’s cult. 

President Trump incited an insurrection of citizens against the government because he could not accept the absolute fact he lost the 2020 race for re-election.

He will go down in history as a liar, an insurrectionist and the most corrupt president in the nation’s history.

Don’t be a part of that legacy. Make a decision to leave the cult…now.

Help save American by, first, saving yourself.


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