My wifi receiver is snowed under with the best pure snow locally that I remember since 1949. 

Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

“…Despite the outstanding questions and challenges in delivering these vaccines, it is hard not to be excited about these findings and the existence of three safe and efficacious COVID-19 vaccines, with a further 55 already in clinical trials.1…

This is the first report of efficacy against COVID-19 for a non-profit vaccine aiming for global supply, equity, and commitment to low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs),4,  5 and as such its publication is very welcomed.”

J. Harris: Apparently the vaccine hasn’t been well studied in those over 70 Y/O. It did gather some data about immunity after mistakenly using half doses of the vaccine. The vaccine should sell for $2-3/dose. 

This is the British/Oxford vaccine and will be used in India as well. 

This common drug may reduce your risk of COVID-19 infection

Assessment of Duplicate Publication of Chinese-Sponsored Randomized Clinical Trials

“Most duplicate publications of RCTs conducted in mainland China in this study were cross-language duplicates and unreferenced republications of the main articles. Duplicate publication bias exists when the main articles were published in Chinese, potentially misleading readers and compromising journals and evidence synthesis.”

UT Health Science Center at Tyler, NET Health named hubs for COVID-19 vaccines

All phase 1A and 1B individuals are eligible to receive a vaccine at these hubs, no matter where they live.

Phase 1A includes front-line health care workers and residents at long-term care facilities, while phase 1B includes people over 65 or with a chronic medical condition that puts them at increased risk for severe illness from COVID‑19.

People should not show up to a hub if they don’t have an appointment. Providers are focusing on vaccinating areas and populations hardest hit by COVID‑19, DSHS said. 

According to the state, vaccine supplies are limited but more supply is coming every week. 

For week five of the vaccine allocation, NET Health and UT Health Science Center at Tyler each received 1,500 doses of the vaccine. 

NET Health CEO George Roberts said the health district will be hosting vaccine drive-thru clinics at Harvey Convention Center in Tyler every week based on an appointment and waiting list system. To become a part of the waiting list, visit

The drive-thru vaccinations began last Friday and Saturday, and the next event will likely be this Tuesday and Wednesday. Those on the waiting list are the first called on an appointment. 

Appointments are full at UT Health Science Center at Tyler, but UT Health East Texas said Friday that officials will publicize the next appointment availability through the media. Appointments began on Monday, and people used an online link to sign up for these appointments as well. 


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