To all supporters of Dr. Shaun Bobbi Kelehan of Marshall, Texas

To all supporters of Dr. Shaun Bobbi Kelehan of Marshall, Texas

By George Smith — 12/08/2020

I’ve never said this licensed physician was not a good doctor. I believe, know and have said he is a sexual predator, that he stepped over the strict boundaries of doctor-patient demeanor and took advantage of a male patient, a friend of mine, administered drugs to him and sexually assaulted him in 2017.

This is not a he-said, he-said situation. Kelehan admitted to administering drugs to knock his friend, his patient out, in order to have nonconsensual sexual contact with him on two occasions…one time in which Trey Wood of Marshall remembered and another time that Wood had no idea the sexual contact occurred.

Yes, Trey has issues, just as we all do. His faults are glaring, humongous even.  An addict and alcoholic, Trey is a former resident of the Texas penal system; he is the first to admit his screwed up a big part of his life, losing the faith of family members and many friends by his obnoxious, aberrant and self-destructive behavior.

But, no one, Trey included, deserves to be drugged and sexually assaulted by anyone, much less a respected citizen and acclaimed member of the medical community.

If Trey were named Becky, age 19 (not 46), a blonde cheerleader (not a 250-pound hulk with a shaved head). and the encounter was heterosexual, not homosexual, and could be proven, who would not support “Becky” in her complaint?

Trey followed the steps to get justice for the injustice he endured. He filed an official complaint; that complaint was investigated; evidence was collected; charges were filed; a grand jury convened…and nothing. Despite firm evidence – audio and video tape confessions from Kelehan, plus an apology for his actions and promising it would never happen again, the grand jury no billed the doctor.

Whoa! How could have happen? The special prosecutor did not play the recordings for the grand jury; he recommended the complaint be no billed. For the most part, that’s how grand juries work: I know, I served on one in Marshall in the mic 1980s, even serving as foreman. What the prosecutor wants in pending cases … usually happens. End of story.

After all this, Trey was despondent, suicidal. A friend called the Austin, Texas police (where Trey is now a resident) and they found him in his car in a wooded area; he was put into a detox unit and then he later went to a rehab facility.

He found Alcoholics Anonymous, bought into the 12-Step Plan, sobered up and has stayed clean for two years. In his sobriety, he had a revelation: Past demons are supposed to be exorcised.  Trey knew he had been wronged and the legal system failed to protect him.

He contacted the Texas Medical Board and laid out his story. A long investigation ensued and the board issued a temporary ruling in October which prohibited Kelehan from having any contact or writing prescriptions with male patients, no visiting any patients outside his clinics, no telemedicine sessions and his physician assistants could not see male patients.

The board is expected to issue a final ruling on the case after the first of the year.

If you are having problems with his case, stop thinking about Trey and focus on ‘Becky”.

“Trey” is “Becky”. “We’ are could be “Becky”.

Trey deserves justice, the same justice Becky would get. We all deserve justice.


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