Alternate plans for annual Community Veterans Day Commemoration

Alternate plans for annual Community Veterans Day Commemoration

In order to reduce risk and help to ensure the health and safety of all veterans and community members during the pandemic, the Annual Community Veterans Day planning committee consulted, as they do each year, with local veterans and veteran organizations and they made the following alternate plans for this year’s Veterans Day commemoration.

Instead of the annual Community Veterans Day program, there will be a brief Patriotic Vehicle Procession around the Harrison County Courthouse Square to honor the brave service and sacrifice of all Veterans.

 The slow procession around the Square will take place from 11:00am–11:15am on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 in downtown Marshall, Texas.

Christina Anderson, who heads up the coordination of the Community Veterans Day commemoration every years, shared:  “ As our community knows, the annual Veterans Day program in Marshall and Harrison County has always been held at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. For many years, the program was held at the Marshall Mall and, more recently, at ETBU and then, last year, at Memorial City Hall.”

Ms. Anderson continued:  “But, this year due to our wanting to make sure everyone stays safe during the pandemic and so that we comply with all the important health guidelines, the planning committee invites veterans, veteran organization, civic organizations,  and community members to participate in or watch a brief slow procession of vehicles around the Courthouse Square at 11 o’clock on Veterans Day. This procession will be a way that we, as community members, can gather together safely during the pandemic and show our deep appreciation to all veterans for their courageous service and sacrifice for our nation.”

Ms. Anderson explained that community members and veteran or civic organizations are encouraged to display on their vehicles signs of appreciation to veterans and/or American flags and flags of the various military branches.

To reduce the risk of spreading the virus, all participants are asked to remain in their vehicles before and throughout the brief procession around the Square.

Here’s how the logistics will work:

·         Those wishing to participate by having a vehicle in the brief Veterans Day procession on November 11 are urged to call (903) 938-8373 or email to let the planning committee know that they wish to have a vehicle in the procession. Please contact by 3:00pm on November 10.

·         Then, between 10:30am and 11:00am on Wednesday, November 11, those participating in the procession will gather in the parking lot on the EAST side of the Courthouse.

·          At 11:00am, the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders, in coordination with the Marshall Police Department, will lead the procession of vehicles, departing from the east parking lot, and slowly process around the Courthouse Square twice. Following the second time around the Square, the procession will stop for the playing of “Taps.”  The commemoration will then be concluded.

·         Veterans wishing to observe the brief procession on the Square itself will be able to park in the parking lot on the WEST side of the historic Courthouse and will be able watch the procession from inside their vehicles.  Since Veterans Day is a City, County, and federal holiday, there should be less traffic on the Courthouse Square that day.

·         Those participating and watching the procession can listen to patriotic music during the procession in the safety of their own vehicles by tuning in to local radio station KMHT 103.9 . KMHT has graciously shared that they will play patriotic music for the procession.

·         For those wishing to view from home, the procession will also be live streamed via Facebook Live by the Marshall News Messenger and KMHT.

·         KMHT 103.9 will also broadcast a Veterans Day program at 11:15am, immediately following their coverage of and music for the brief procession on the Square.

On behalf of the Community Veterans Day planning committee, Ms. Anderson expressed deep gratitude for the kind assistance of the local veterans organizations such as the East Texas Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Post #267, American Legion Post #878, and other local veterans groups. She also expressed appreciation to Harrison County, the City of Marshall, KMHT-Radio, Marshall News Messenger, and Meadowbrook Funeral Home for their kind assistance with the procession.

Ms. Anderson concluded: “Most importantly, we want to ensure that the logistics for the procession will provide for the health and safety of all veterans and participants involved. But, we also want to make sure that we, as a community, don’t miss an opportunity to express how profoundly we appreciate our Veterans and all they have given and sacrificed for our nation. We appreciate them, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.”


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